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    Raw materials: beating through the neighborhood

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    empresa materias primas ciego de ávila 5

    When the family was immersed in the dilemma of locating a crib of ordinary proportions in the limited space of the house - a single room - and the efforts of Mirta Rosa Doyley Johnson, president of the popular council Alfredo Gutiérrez Lugones, the Recovery Company of Raw Materials (ERMP) of the province of Ciego de Ávila, found the solution.

    With recycled material they made the small bed, provided with all the details and delivered it with its mattress and linen, in addition to other resources to ensure the well-being of the newborn and alleviate the concerns of a nucleus in vulnerable conditions, Manuel Rieche González, General Director of said entity, recalls.

    Sensitivity and humanism also distinguished the gesture of donating material resources to a minor suffering from cancer.

    They constitute samples of the projection towards the community where it is located to promote social and spiritual transformations that favor the improvement of the quality of life and the fulfillment of the social purpose of a company for which interaction with the neighborhood is essential, he comments.

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    Although the residents of district number 18 are the most benefited, the effort to meet the needs of the place implies improvements for the entire demarcation, where more than 18 thousand 380 people live and the authorities of the province focus their attention on today.

    The recyclers, made up of representatives of political, social and mass organizations, carried out a survey of people and families in vulnerable conditions to organize assistance according to the particularities and needs of each case, explains the director.

    More than two years ago, they felt part of the main actions and moments in Lugones, where they took on the repair of two family doctor's offices, declared a reference by the political, governmental and health authorities of the territory.

    These medical care centers underwent, practically, a capital repair due to their high degree of deterioration, which led to the replacement of carpentry elements and hydraulic and sanitary networks, the placement of elevated tanks for the water supply, repairs in the bathrooms, painting of buildings and repair of a nurse's house, details.

    Other organisms assumed the arrangement of the surrounding streets to improve the environment of these institutions, he adds.

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    Workers and mechanized teams of the ERMP have participated in sanitation days, solid waste collection and disposal of micro-dumps, repairs in parks and other places intended to provide services to the people (warehouses, schools and cafeterias, among the most representative).

    From the incorporation to the political movement “Latir Avileño”, they assumed the renovation of the Pediatric Gastroenterology Room of the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Provincial General Teaching Hospital, located in the main city.

    They were among the last groups that joined the restorations in that health center -because they had not been given tasks there, he clarifies-, however, they soon placed themselves on a par with the other business brigades, despite facing almost a repair capital by the state of impairment of that income area.

    The restoration of the water service, improvements in lighting and hydraulic, sanitary and electrical networks, the replacement of carpentry elements (doors, shutters and latch keys) and false ceilings, recovery of clinical and non-clinical furniture, and setting (painting and placement of decorative components) were among the main actions.

    Arrangements in a conference room and the provision of office supplies to facilitate the work of medical and nursing staff, so that the investment―executed under the 43 measures to improve management in the business system― amounts to more than one and a half million pesos national currency were added to this, he said.

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    All the forces of the company were integrated, because on holidays they stayed there to give their contribution, motivated to provide a more pleasant stay for infants hospitalized in that place, he says.

    During recent checks by the Party and the Government of the works carried out in that institution, the ERMP obtained recognition from Antonio Luaces Iraola and the political organization granted it the Latir Avileño condition, awards that become incentives to continue providing care to that hospital ward.

    In total, the execution of social works in the 2021-2022 period exceeds the value of two million pesos and they still have some "debts" with the neighborhood: the repair of the Alfredo Gutiérrez Lugones Elementary School and some parks, he says.

    Doyley Johnson recognizes in Raw Materials a strength for economic and social transformations in the community, to which other companies such as Metal Mecánica Indalecio Montejo, Hydraulic Development and Road Maintenance also contribute.

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    The integration of the ERMP to the neighborhood has contemplated its participation in transcendental moments: the stage of confrontation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the vaccination process against the SARS-COV-2 virus, the debates in the community and the referendum popular of the Family Code, he highlights.

    He underlined that the opening of a retail store for the commercialization of recycled resources with use value makes it possible to acquire, at affordable prices, useful goods for the home and the development of productions by self-employed workers and non-state entities, fundamentally those that require containers and packaging.

    The representative of the Government recognizes the dedication to the tasks of the neighborhood and affirms that for each problem they offer a solution and are always ready to promote changes to make this a more pleasant environment and improve the quality of life.

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    From its essence, the ERMP also promotes the culture of recycling, the results of which are appreciable in the value that the inhabitants attach to recovery and the ability to classify waste, so that there is an identification and commitment to contribute to the fulfillment of the corporate purpose of that entity.