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    Recyclers highlight contribution to economic development in Ciego de Ávila

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    With a prominent position in the country for its economic indicators, the workers of the Raw Materials Recovery Company (ERMP) of the province of Ciego de Ávila commemorate today the 61st anniversary of the Cuban recycling industry, founded by Commander Ernesto Che Guevara.

    Manuel Rieche González, general director of the entity, stressed that the value of exports, mainly non-ferrous metals (copper, bronze, aluminum and steel), exceeds three and a half million pesos in national currency, which represents an over-compliance of the income plan for that concept.

    He added that shipments abroad mostly to countries of the European Union, constitute up to 80 percent of monthly sales and allow the rapid acquisition of capital to keep the company running, so that basic needs are met to produce.

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    It means the guarantee to buy vehicles, means of protection, oxyfuel and computer equipment, spare parts for machinery, clothing, footwear, office supplies and other resources obtained in foreign currency, essential for the fulfillment of missions and humanization from work, he added.

    Kendry Mastrapa Diéguez, deputy director of the ERMP, explained that, in the current economic context, imports and investment processes in the country are decreasing, which limits recycling activity, however, they also manage to satisfy other demands of the international market (plastics , paper, cardboard and packaging of different materials).

    Despite the reduced circulation of products and the energy crisis, they remain in a favorable range and, on a quarterly basis, workers receive additional payments resulting from profits, he said.

    He referred to the difficulties in complying with the steel recovery plan, due to the main suppliers of this product are entities belonging to the Sugar Business Group (AzCuba), where the recovery of all resources is sought due to the impossibility of importing.

    He stressed that they maintain as a policy the recovery of all products with the possibility of reinvesting in the economy through sales, according to the needs and demands of customers.

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    The entity also markets significant volumes of raw materials that support national production of construction materials, components for electrical networks and industrial items, as well as plastic and glass containers for food, beverages and medicines, he alleged.

    As part of the expansion of its corporate purpose, it produces wadding from textile waste, which allows it to venture into the formation of pillows and cushions, and the sale to a mattress factory, he added.

    Currently they achieve linkages with representations of all forms of economic management (state entities, non-agricultural cooperatives, local development projects and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises), based on recovery, service and sales contracts, he emphasized.

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    Based on the facilities offered by the implementation of the 43 measures to strengthen the socialist state enterprise, the ERMP has contributed more than two million pesos in national currency to the transformation of neighborhoods and communities, and the repair of the Doctor Antonio Provincial General Teaching Hospital. Lucas Iraola.

    On the new anniversary, the entity received recognition from the Provincial Union of Industrial Workers and the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, for its results in the economic and social spheres.

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    Worthy representatives of Cuban women in this sector, Xenia Llana Gutiérrez and Paula Giro Andreu were honored, the latter also stimulated with the 23 de Agosto and Florentino Alejo medals, conferred by the Federation of Cuban Women and the aforementioned union, respectively.

    Likewise, comrades who perform successfully as cadres of the entity and workers with significant contributions to the fulfillment of the social objective, including young people, were awarded.

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    The recycling industry in Cuba was established on November 7, 1963, at the initiative of Che, with the aim of substituting imports of essential raw materials for the national economy and contributing to the protection of the environment by recovering discarded products.