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    The binomial wants to be perfect

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    bioeléctrica del central ciro redondo ciego de ávila 2

    More than five years ago, the word spread through the town of Pina that the marabou would cease to be the king of the jungle to be transformed into biomass or "spark" that would start the engines of a modern industry that would produce cleaner electricity.

    We got to work with the news from the beginning of the leveling works of the land, the symbolic placement of the first stone that announced the official start of the investment, the hustle and bustle of the harvesting machines in the marabou trees and the synchronization to the National Electroenergetic System.

    Another published event was that of the only bioelectric plant in Cuba having become an important part of the epicenter of millionaire economic losses, along with the Ciro Redondo power plant that turned off its machinery in January 2021 in order to accumulate three consecutive disputes with the disappointment of breach of the plan of sugar.

    To the fourth...

    As the third time could not be the charm in relation to the fruitful exchange that was expected of bagasse and condensed water from the sugar factory, and the delivery of steam and energy to that mill by the bioelectric company, now both centers he hopes that the new opportunity will be big and he dreams of a perfect harvest.

    The possibility of overcoming such an effort or approaching perfection was discussed at the recent meeting to evaluate the preparations for the start of the 2022-2023 sugar dispute, scheduled for next December in the province of Ciego de Ávila.

    Engineer Vidal Martín Sarduy, administrator of the Ciro Redondo sugar factory, reported that partial equipment tests were carried out in each area. "We still have to carry out the exercise and the general test when the synchronization with the bioelectric is achieved."

    Ariel Díaz Román, director of the electricity generation plant, argued in this regard: «All efficiency indicators were improved compared to previous years in the tests carried out with forest biomass last July.

    inter trasporte bioelectrica ciro redondo ciego de avila

    «Today, the completion works of the bagasse feeding system to boiler #1 and part of boiler #2, which depend on imported resources, will take a week to complete when they arrive.

    "Our group has among the commitments to fulfill the generation plan to deliver 84 thousand 384 megawatt hours to the National Electroenergetic System and more than 21 thousand 100 and the necessary steam to the central...”

    We have to take care of the cane, otherwise we will not have biomass-fuel, sugar and energy, the farmers and mechanizers underlined. Danilo Fernández Madrigal, director of the Ciro Redondo Agro-industrial Sugar Company, emphasized: "The essence of the next contest will consist of rigorous control of the rate of consumption of fuels and lubricants, everyone's task."

    Beat for the town

    The harvest is not only to boost the economy, that is why the plans carried out based on efficiency will be the formula that will stimulate socialist emulation, so that everyone must know in each area what to do to declare their workers in victory and beating for the people, in homage to the 64th anniversary of the Revolution, reflected Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Party in Ciego de Ávila.

    bioeléctrica del central ciro redondo ciego de ávila 4

    Moreover, it put the accent on the priorities: Extend the change of image to the radius of action of the production units, provide food to the men and women who will carry out the harvest under the responsibility of Tecnoazul, EsAzucar, Comerce & Gastronomy and other entities that provide services.

    Thus, everything works according to expanding the power of a binomial, although its "theorem" was proposed more than five years ago, not precisely by the ingenious Newton, but by those who wish that, in the center of the province of Ciego de Ávila, the acronym for success has just been written in capital letters: LQQD (What is proven).