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    Ecuador Sugar Factory: own solutions generate economic efficiency

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    During the meeting to review these advances with the factory and agricultural collective, with entities that ensure the harvest in the territory, with union sections and the highest political and governmental authorities of Ciego de Ávila, it was learned that these works were going smoothly at 87 percent completion as of the middle of last week.

    Ernesto Blanco López, administrator of the factory, commented that the most compromised to date are the tandem and the boilers. Precisely, the boiler house was at 89.13 percent of its compliance. There, problems are faced with the availability of welding electrodes and refractory cement for the boilers, as in the Primero de Enero factory.

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    Beyond these difficulties, which must be resolved as soon as possible, the commitment of the sugar producers of Baragüá citizens is to carry out the harvest exercise on November 20, for a month later to undertake the general test of all the industry's systems.

    To leave no doubt about it, Blanco López meant that "this center-back is going to grind, strong and efficiently". Well, despite the difficulties, their own solutions are sought to gain industrial efficiency with the repair and adaptation of equipment.

    In this sense, the manager highlighted the importance of training the workforce and gaining self-sufficiency in repairs; an independence that offers better economic dividends by not disbursing payments for services to other entities.

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    Regarding the progress of agricultural mechanization, the Ecuador Agro-industrial Sugar Company (EAA by its Spanish initials) has shown good results to date, having its fleet of eight Case harvesters almost 100 percent ready, while, of the 14 KTP, 10 are repaired and two are waiting for the body shop.

    Once again, material difficulties have had an impact on this economic activity, registering to date the need for 32 batteries for means of transport and tires for 50 trucks and 94 trailers.

    A key issue in which much needs to be improved in Baraguá is sugar cane cultivation. According to Iván Jiménez Darias, general director of the EAA Ecuador, from a plan of 639 hectares (ha) for seed, they only expect to reach 476 ha, given the limitations with irrigation, the availability and opportunity in the delivery of fuel and the organization of the activity.

    About this, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, said: "give extra to planting and cultural attention, that depends on the sustainability of the plant, that in the future we do not have to paralyze this factory due to lack of raw material."

    During the meeting, a constant search for efficiency was also emphasized while the sugar plan is fulfilled, reinforcing the war against crime and illegalities; in addition to not neglecting the quality of maintenance.