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    Emblematic railway terminal of Morón is rehabilitated

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    reparacion de la terminal de ferrocarriles de morón ciego de ávila 3

    The railway terminal of the municipality of Morón, in Ciego de Ávila, will be restored from this month until next year, which will restore the beauty of this emblematic building of the territory and National Conservation Award in 2010.

    Tania González, deputy director of the Central-Eastern Railways of Cuba, told the Cuban News Agency that the repairs to the eaves and the roof would begin, tasks that, like the others planned, will be carried out respecting the original values ​​of the architecture of that building.

    The aspirations are to celebrate in 2024 the centenary of this property, which today shows an evident deterioration, added González.

    Kadileisy Pelier Pérez, director of the Base Business Unit that manages the Morón Terminal, explained to Invasor digital that the rehabilitation is valued at 3.4 million pesos.

    Pelier Pérez pointed out that other conservation works, renovation, change of carpentry and hydraulic networks are planned for 2023, in a construction sequence.

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    The operation of the platform will continue, so the sale of tickets and waiting for users will be organized in areas where they do not interrupt the restoration work, nor are they exposed to possible accidents, the manager added to the website.

    According to the Cuban encyclopedia EcuRed, the Morón Railway Terminal was inaugurated on July 14, 1924, and housed the headquarters of the Northern Railway of Cuba with its workshop areas, after the Baldwin Locomotive Works Company chose that city, for being in the center of the system of railway lines executed by that North American company, which extended from Las Villas to Camagüey.

    reparacion de la terminal de ferrocarriles de morón ciego de ávila 4

    On its ground floor are the waiting rooms and basic services for travelers, and the administration is located on the second floor.

    This building was the scene of important historical events, including one of the largest strikes that occurred in 1925 against the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado and led by union leader Enrique Varona and the National Workers' Confederation of Cuba.