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    Day of tribute to the health worker starts in Ciego de Ávila

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    acto provincial inicio jornada del trabajador de la salud ciego de avila 1

    With an emotional activity began this Tuesday in Ciego de Ávila the Day of tribute to Public Health workers, in the Health area of ​​the Belkis Sotomayor Polyclinic in Ciego de Ávila, recognized for its good performance in assistance work for its community.

    This activity also served to recognize outstanding workers and groups in the sector in the territory, which publicly validates the effort to maintain the health of the population despite shortages and difficulties imposed by the United States blockade on the island.

    During the ceremony, Dr. Marta María Gutiérrez was recognized with the Manuel “Piti” Fajardo medal, for her more than 20 years of uninterrupted work in the sector.

    acto provincial inicio jornada del trabajador de la salud ciego de avila 2

    Similarly, Eloy Rodríguez González was honored with the Labor Feat medal and the electromedical doctor Edel González Jiménez received special recognition for his help during the recovery efforts in the sister province of Pinar del Rio, after the onslaught of Hurricane Ian.

    The Day of tribute to health workers will last until January 15 throughout the national territory, with its special distinction on December 3 to celebrate the Day of Latin American Medicine.