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    Nomination of candidates for delegates of the People's Power is about to conclude in Ciego de Ávila

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    When next Friday, Ciego de Ávila puts an end to the process of nominating candidates for delegates to the municipal assemblies of People's Power, which has taken place in each constituency according to the planned schedule, the province will prepare conditions for the municipal elections, which will have place, in its first round, on November 27.

    Until last day 7, according to Invasor Marleny Báez Valdivia, vice president of the Provincial Electoral Council (CEP), 95 percent of the scheduled nomination assemblies had been held in the territory, a figure that will increase during the course of the election. this week, as the remaining 93 are carried out, in accordance with the schedule, until completing the 1858 planned covering the same number of nomination areas.

    In these meetings, 2,124 people have been proposed, a number that, in the opinion of Báez Valdivia, speaks of recognition of a greater number of individuals who have the potential to serve as delegates. 1,113 candidates were nominated, among which women represent 48 percent, young people 18.5 percent, and 32.1 corresponds to current delegates who are nominated again.

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    Once this stage is over, he explained, the publication in public places of the constituency of the files will begin with the photos and biographical synthesis of the nominated candidates, which will remain visible until the 27th, so that the voters can delve into the trajectory of these and decide which one to vote for, because "the nominated person does not always reside in your CDR".

    In addition, he added that next week the constituency authorities and the 899 polling stations that will be set up throughout the province for voting, would receive a third training, which will focus mainly on the steps to follow on the day of the election choice.

    Just as it happened in the weeks prior to the popular referendum on the Family Code, on this occasion, ahead of the municipal elections, Sunday the 20th is the date set at the national level to carry out the dynamic test, in which the plans will be confirmed of communication, transportation and food —key to ensure the proper development of the process—, as well as the knowledge available to the electoral authorities for the correct performance of their functions.