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    Repairs begin in the Obstetric Unit of Ciego de Ávila

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    Unidad Obstétrica hospital antonio luaces iraoela ciego de ávila 2

    As an investment valued at 12 million pesos, Alberto Moronta Enrique, director of the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Provincial General Teaching Hospital, describes the constructive actions that are being undertaken these days in the Obstetric Unit of this care center, part of a work strategy that has joined companies and organizations in the territory to have, in the long run, a better hospital.

    In charge of completing, the work is a construction brigade from RTV Comercial, which is already advancing in the repair of walls and the dismantling of the false ceiling, while they wait for the solution of problems on the roof.

    Moronta Enrique explained that they foresee changes to the carpentry, the use of LED lights that do not condense heat, installation of a false ceiling with plasterboard, rehabilitation of the hydraulic networks, and new flooring and veneers, while some elements such as the metallic surgical sinks may be reused.

    “The Obstetric Unit has undergone several repairs and maintenance, but the problems almost always started with leaks through the roof, which gradually deteriorated the building and ruined previous efforts.

    Today there are all the resources and the willingness to work, as quickly as possible, due to its priority for the ordering of medical care in the center”.

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    When he refers to the problems detected in the roof, he emphasizes that there are about seven layers, in some segments mixed with cement, the first thing that must be removed. The Dylan Reforms team is in charge of this, which is already taking accurate steps to guarantee the success of the construction task, the same that they achieved before in the work objects that they assumed in the Guard Corps of said institution.

    The project assumed by Dylan Reforms also includes the extension of the drains to guarantee a fall of 30 centimeters, which prevents the accumulation of water. Then, they will perform the waterproofing with three layers of material and fabric mesh, a highly effective method.

    Unidad Obstétrica hospital antonio luaces iraoela ciego de ávila 1

    The truth is that care for pregnant and postpartum women has not stopped at the Antonio Luaces Iraola, however, from the medical assistance alternatives have been sought to maintain the vitality of the services, in the midst of a constructive process that includes around 70 construction objects, where more than 22 are finished, others are in process and some await the starting whistle.