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    The dedication and “anti-task” of a company

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    despacho empresa eléctrica ciego de ávila 2

    Carlos Luis Arencibia Fernández has a problem. He likes his job and right now, it is one that another person would hardly accept, because he is carrying the full weight of the energy crisis on his shoulders.

    He says it calmly: "I haven't had eight hours of sleep in a row for more than 14 months." Moreover, minutes after receiving me at the Provincial Cargo Office, belonging to the Ciego de Ávila Electric Company, he had to clarify the first enthusiastic question from this journalist, who thought in terms of “the street”.

    --"So this is where they turn off the power?"

    --"This is where it's ordered." The Office is the entity that controls the generation, distribution and commercialization of current. From the moment, it is generated to the homes.

    There is the first contradiction, a hint of the problem that he said at the beginning, of an obviousness that also has us customers in suspense: “Our mission is not to provide blackouts, it is to provide electricity. The company lives from selling current”.

    So, we will have to imagine what it means for a group of more than 30 people to suddenly change a job that was summed up to ensuring the distribution of energy, to having to decide, in situations that change in a matter of hours, who has electricity and who doesn't It is an "anti-task", "anti-mission" that occupies half-day shifts and many more headaches.

    It's not just put on and take off. It is also keeping the statistics of what is distributed at all times, making the already famous blocks and ensuring the areas that, at the request of the institutions, have some operation out of the ordinary, and require energy.

    A certainty that the clients already suspected, has guided their work in all these months. While in other, nearby provinces, there is talk of 12-hour blackouts, or cities on fire at the expense of rural municipalities not sleeping, that has not happened here.

    despacho empresa eléctrica ciego de ávila 3

    “The Party oriented not to have prioritized circuits —beyond hospitals and dairy products—; not keep the boulevard lit, for example, to have two blocks and distribute evenly”. In addition, if here they do not have to decide by provinces with more or less "privilege", at least they have made sure that the people who live in the surroundings of Martí Park, in the capital of Avila, have the same counts as those who live in Miraflores, in Bolivian municipality.

    Such has been the care for that equity, that from the planning of three hours with and without service, it went to three and a half, so that the schedules rotate every 24 hours and whoever did not sleep at dawn yesterday, goes to bed late today, but sleep those hours.

    It is true that sometimes it is not enough, and if Ciego, a small province (with just three generator sets and no generation of its own), has a deficit of 90 megawatts, it is impossible to have half of it turned on. Once again, Carlos's face, when he explains this is sad.

    In the middle of a huge room that looks like something out of "command and action" movies, six men work around the clock with their eyes glued to the screens. They can barely look up to answer me.

    Yoixander Peralta Simón just does it to highlight that you have to get to that “end of the world”, so far from the center of the city of Ciego de Ávila, “on foot, by bicycle…” And that, with blackouts or without blackouts, "the puncture" of them is stressful. "There's no difference".

    Next door, Jeannis Franch, disagrees with the parsimony of a Physics graduate, and more than 14 years of experience. "Yes, it's more exhausting."

    despacho empresa eléctrica ciego de ávila 4

    Besides, Carlos corroborates, it is a job in which they can never look good. For example, the “rotations”, which is the moment in which the blackout passes from one block to another, always take between 30 or 40 minutes. It is a person, and not a machine, who manually opens and closes each circuit, turns off and restores the service, without violating the limit set by the generation capacity.

    When it is already the appointed time, and they have not turned on the power in all the circuits, the calls to 1888 begin to rain. Moreover, there are almost always four executives in the company, very close to the office that Carlos runs, to explain.

    No less than 106,680 were answered in October, according to Yaneslaidy Sainz Fernández (Call Center supervisor) and nearly 11,000 more abandoned the call.

    "Sometimes people think they call and we don't answer, but in reality the board admits up to 12 calls, and we answer four by four."

    despacho empresa eléctrica ciego de ávila 1

    None hangs up or picks up the phone. It is an infinite "sausage" of calls that reach the headphones. Two per minute, 120 per hour, 1440 per shift. strenuous.

    Obviously, the blackouts have multiplied their work and even mistreatment. It has become a job that does not stop even at home, when they support the company's Telegram channel, with more than 20,000 subscribers.

    Nothing can change a reality that can be measured and kept in statistics, as they well know. We are, almost every day, half a day without the already essential electricity. Also, a hundred men and women have turned their work into the "anti-purpose" of their company. However, they have done it precisely because they insist on making you feel less like the people you are, and not like faceless officials.