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    Radio Morón, 73 years later (+Photos)

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    radio moron ciego de ávila 2

    In 1949, when the increase in sales favored the development of advertising agencies, the makers of radio commercials became more creative. On the other side of the radio receiver, the listener imagined himself buying Colgate Palmolive products or imagined idols, fanciful stories and worlds designed to fill in some lacks in fiction.

    In this context, and while radio businessmen faced their future with great uncertainty, because only 90 miles away, thousands of North Americans were speechless at the moving images emitted by their receivers, the CMIX Radio Morón Station was born, which, 73 years after founded, continues to reinvent itself to bring the everyday into a sound image.

    In addition, it is easy to say, like all slogans, but filling a programming schedule that lasts 19 hours, from Monday to Sunday, throughout the month, becomes a task for titans, especially when new technologies “steal the show”.

    However, like its predecessors, the collective of the oldest radio station in the province of Ciego de Ávila seeks formulas to remain in the audience's preference with an attractive and varied programming.

    radio moron ciego de avila

    Radio Morón, also known as the voice of the city of El Gallo, crossed the air for the first time on November 19, 1949.

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    From the days of tapes to computers, there are several generations of artists and journalists who have been trained at Radio Morón

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    How not to remember the announcer Jorge Nilo Marín on the anniversary of his radio?

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    Nothing like the magic of a sound booth

    radio moron ciego de ávila 6

    Omar Noda Romo, director and scriptwriter of radio programs since 1981

    radio moron ciego de ávila 7

    It transmits 46 programs including informative, musical, varied and children-youth

    radio moron ciego de ávila 8

    Hundreds of programs have come out of this old machine

    radio moron ciego de ávila 5

    Pascual Espinosa knows about the edition of journalistic materials

    radio moron ciego de ávila 9

    History is saved