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    ANAP president calls to improve the contracting system in the sector

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    The CPA Paquito González advances potato planting in the current campaign just started in the province

    The CPA Paquito González advances potato planting in the current campaign just started in the province


    Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP by its Spanish initials) in the country stressed that the company works for advantage in the potential of the cooperative and peasant sector, greater diversification and improvement in the contracting system so that prices correspond to the actual cost of productions.

    He advocated that the profit margin of the productive bases be adequate, that it serve as a stimulus to producers and, at the same time, protect the population and the entities of the economy.

    In this regard, he said, "the Cuban peasantry has a conscience and will and we appreciate that, at the present time, with a view to the end of the year and with the conditions that are created for the hiring of the next one, the mechanisms will be perfected, in correspondence with what the people and the country need.

    Regarding marketing, he explained that they reach greater maturity, with the incorporation of a few modifications that allow a group of organizations and entities to interact directly with cooperatives and producers.

    All of this will result in food reaching the town in the best way, with more balanced prices as a result of correct contracting, hence the responsibility of each municipality in defining the demand for the different destinations, including territorial self-supply.

    The member of the Council of State also praised the work of the more than 300 members of the CPA Paquito González, among the best organizations of its kind in the country, with overcompliance in planting plans, production plans, milk delivery and sales to the State, and a mercantile production value of more than 34 million pesos, with the use of 40% of the planned fuel.

    Santiesteban Pozo pointed out that the main challenge of the 3,213 CPAs and 2,399 CCSs, which bring together almost 405,000 men and women throughout the country, is to put into practice the objectives and agreements of the XI ANAP Congress and promote the programs development of each cooperative, achieve the link between the farmer and the community, apply science, technique and technology to obtain better results.