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    The tireless Ramona

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    III Taller Regional de Trabajo Comunitario Integrado en Ciego de Ávila 2022

    III Regional Workshop on Integrated Community Work in Ciego de Ávila 

    More than three decades have marked the existence of Ramona Dónate Jiménez as a delegate of the constituency number 15 of the community of San Antonio and for 10 years she has served as president of the Liborio popular council, in the municipality of Bolivia. Her words are moving as she reveals her devotion to the Homeland and Fidel, essential motivations to fulfill government tasks.

    The tireless Ramona, as she is identified, is a leader and has earned the respect and admiration of her people. She is a Mariana of these times, who despite her 71 years continues to fight for her people, the one who ratified the trust by nominating her again to continue representing them.

    Her day begins when she prepares breakfast and brews coffee for her beloved Juan, a man who accompanies her and supports her in household chores so that she can dedicate herself entirely to her passion: love for her constituents and the work of Popular Power.

    She moves from one side of the neighborhood to the other, greets, observes, drinks coffee, listens and shares in different spaces of the community, without neglecting the notes on the people's proposals. Then, it faces the processing and search for solutions with the administrations and the indispensable popular support. Her orders are followed immediately.

    Acto local por el 1ro de mayo

    Local act for May 1st

    Taking advantage of the fact that the municipality is getting ready for the votes on November 27, the Citizen's Portal spoke with her to share her experiences, of incalculable value in the process of improving the organs of People's Power.

    What does it mean for you to be a delegate and president of the popular council in these times that the Homeland lives?

    “Being a delegate is an honor since it is a sign of the recognition of the people for the work done, it is also a challenge and a commitment that must be assumed with a lot of love. When one surrenders body and soul to this task for which there is no school that prepares you in life, but only the recognition of your neighbors.

    “The 'bug' gets into your veins, circulates through your blood and reaches your heart to never leave, leaving aside the profession of teacher and that somehow gives you the tools to assume the work of delegate and president of people's council."

    Phrases of love and dedication to the work of the delegate continue to flow from her lips, emphasizing that she has challenges that steal time from her personal and family life, but that is what the family is for, and hers is the best because it supports her. Moreover, it has made it possible to prepare, study, plan and organize work, tour the communities, conduct popular council meetings, process complaints and carry out integrated community work in the Circumscription that is delegated.

    She emphasizes that he has been lucky to have delegates who are an example of sacrifice, of unconditional support for his work, whom he supports and prepares so that they can perform their work better in the Circumscription every day.

    Being a rural popular council, made up of humble, hard-working people and mostly peasants from the CCS IX Congress or workers from the Albio Hernández UBPC, who are dedicated to sugarcane production, they treat it well on each visit, each tour or control that they carry out. They greet her with a handshake, offer her coffee since they know she likes it, making her feel proud to represent them until strength allows.

    What issues have you managed to solve in the circumscriptions that are part of your demarcation?

    She gets excited and begins to tell how with the people they rebuilt the social circle that was affected by Hurricane Irma and that the people recovered by cutting guano, sticks and puzzles, how they made snacks to support them in this task.

    Also, she remembered how they made the nails, dried the guano and peeled the sticks and that for that they did not need outside help, but all the neighbors.

    It also refers to the actions that were carried out in the community school so that the children had better conditions and the actions to recover the sports areas such as the ball field.It also alleged that these actions carried out in the community of Liborio were the first in the municipality in which work was done as part of the transformations in vulnerable neighborhoods. They painted the school, the store, the doctor's office, repaired the playground and promoted actions to solve leaks, the construction of houses, as well as an agricultural point of sale.

    Regarding the dissatisfactions, she refers to the situation of the interior roads, the need to improve coverage for the use of cell phones and the Internet, the construction and completion of homes for people who were affected by Hurricane Irma and who still live in temporary facilities, work with young people and continue with actions to confront social indiscipline, crime, illegalities and everything related to prices that affect the people.

    As for the operation of the popular council, it states that it should continue to promote popular control actions with the increase of more residents, increase the preparation of the delegates and neighborhood commissions and continue to promote in all communities with the participation of the people in the solution of problems that do not depend on resources and budgets, but on drive and participation.

    Reparacion del circulo social

    Social Circle Company Repair

    It refers to the progress made by the people's council in following up on the approaches derived from the accountability processes or through the office, where the Board of Directors of the Assembly and the directors systematically participate in the meetings of the people's council influenced in the solutions, managing to increase the alternatives with concrete agreements that involve the whole world.

    She does not stop talking, and one is stunned when listening to her about what are the projections of work to continue her as delegate and President of the Popular Council for the next term, as well as the actions planned in the Popular Council to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution highlighting the cleaning and beautification of the neighborhoods and communities, the completion of the repair actions of the Liborio bakery, the painting of the units, the inauguration of the point of sale of agriculture in the community of San Antonio, support for planting or production both in the CCS and in the UBPC, since they directly affect the diet of the people and increase the planting of root vegetables and vegetables in Backyards and plots.

    Finally, and before leaving her house, she shows us all the recognitions she has obtained in all the years dedicated to the beautiful task of being a delegate and President of the Popular Council, where those of outstanding cadres at the municipal and provincial level appear, delegated by more than 5, 10, 20 and 30 years, the condition that the San Antonio community received on the 56th Anniversary of the CDR, among other recognitions that make one feel more emotional and feel unconditional love for Ramona, the tireless delegate and President of the Council Popular.

    When we were ready to march, she ratified her commitment and recommended to all those who have been nominated that if they are elected delegates they know that they are going to carry out a beautiful task full of love and commitment not only with the neighbors but with the Revolution, that every day they try to do something for the benefit of their people, that they are not afraid of the problems that we may face, that they will make many but most of them solvable, that they do not get tired, that when the people nominate and choose it is because they have seen that dedication, that love for the people, that when they cannot solve something that they continue insisting and when they manage to do something for their people they enjoy it since that makes one feel that the heart is growing and that the blood circulates faster.

    That they devote themselves with passion to everything they do, that they do not let the history, traditions, and customs of each neighborhood die, that they do not rest until there is a person with a problem that could not be solved, that every day they try to tear a piece out of the problem.

    Escuela  Primaria Sierra Maestra

    Elementary School Sierra Maestra 

    Ramona, woman of steel and honey, we count on you to continue strengthening the work of People's Power in the municipality and that we will try to imbue the newly elected delegates with your faith, your love, your dedication and your commitment to the people and the Revolution, not doubt it, you are an example to follow and we count on you for many more years.