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    Cuba celebrates from this Monday the National Cybersecurity Day

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    Cuba celebrates from today the National Cybersecurity Day that will last until next Friday with the aim of raising awareness and proposing concrete actions in the technological field.

    Regarding the date, the Minister of Communications, Mayra Arevich Marín, expressed on Twitter that as cybersecurity capabilities for telecommunications services and infrastructure are developed, the computerization of the country could be developed.

    “We celebrate the National Cybersecurity Day in #Cuba, from November 21 to 26. Computerization develops to the same extent that we develop cybersecurity capabilities for telecommunications services and infrastructure. #CybersecurityForAll,” she wrote.

    National Cibersecurity Day

    A computerized society, increasingly present in cyberspace, requires and defends its security, the Ministry of Communications highlighted.

    The Ministry of the Interior, through its website, called for the role played by the Party, the Government, the State and the citizens in this area, because cybersecurity is a priority for the Cuban State from all areas of the society.

    She reaffirmed the role of cybersecurity in society and in the digital transformation itself, as well as the existence of the political will to use the instrument that regulates it and guarantees its protection.

    According to Jorge Luis Perdomo, Deputy Prime Minister of Cuba, as part of the event there will be scientific activities, technical workshops, conferences and a communication program in the media and social networks.