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    Nilda Bárbara Rodríguez, a delegate with a pure heart

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    Her and Fidel

    In these days when the municipality of Majagua is preparing for the elections of candidates for delegates of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, the example of Nilda Bárbara Rodríguez Castillo cannot fail to be mentioned.

    Her 32 years dedicated to the work of delegate and president of the Popular Council of Orlando González, constitute a pattern to be followed by the new generations.

    Walking the streets of the town, talking with people about their problems and immediate needs, organizing processes in the community, are daily tasks for the delegate, who spares no days or hours to be in front of the people, giving answers or solutions to each approach.

    Majaguense de pura cepa

    This self-sacrificing woman is worth the recognition of her constituents, for the verticality of her principles and the work for the well-being of the community, putting her heart into each effort.

    She has known how to fulfill each assigned mission; and the figures of Fidel Castro and Vilma Espín represent great examples throughout her career.

    This woman, loaded with memories, experiences, and love for her little piece of land, mother, grandmother, and above all, a delegate, walks the streets every day until she spends her body and melts her soul in the work of forging good for all.