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    Political culture, one of Fidel's main legacies

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    FidelVive 1 25 de noviembre V Aniversario de su desaparición física

    The validity of the ideology of Fidel Castro Ruz constitutes not only an incentive, but also a firm conviction for these times, where the global crisis of Capitalism becomes more and more intensely systemic, while the third world countries continue to pay the worst consequences.

    That man has not advanced much in his political wisdom is a reality that has not yet been overcome in the 21st century.

    This is how Fidel Castro Ruz warned when evaluating the reason for the October Crisis and demonstrating as a political leader to the world that Cuba would never be anyone's pawn.

    As in ancient chess, current international politics makes the plays more and more complex, reduces the tactical possibilities and even paralyzes any attempt at strategy.

    Hence, resorting to Fidel's political legacy is clearing up such a tortuous dilemma in times plagued by scattered truths and organized lies.

    In addition, it is that in the political thought of Fidel Castro Ruz lie all the conceptual keys for our strategic defense, for the historical continuity of our Revolution.

    Never as in current times has political wisdom been so necessary to unite women and men of good will in defense of our sovereignty.

    Fidel Castro Ruz's political ideology is a beacon and guide not only for our America, but also for the world. Hence the importance of its nutritional sap for the newest generations.

    The Cuba that Martí dreamed of, the Cuba that Fidel fulfilled cannot vanish due to an imperial whim, nor stateless peons. Nothing is more political than the very content of human relations.

    In fact, our convictions and principles were forged with the nobility of our aborigines, the rebellion of the black and the Spanish nobility.

    Martí synthesized them with his ideas and Fidel complied with them "with everyone and for the good of all", which is why it is up to us now, in legitimate debt to our heroes and martyrs, that the world advance a lot in political wisdom.

    Whoever stands up for Cuba today stands up for all time...