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    For an exemplary mandate

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    Delegados a las asambleas populares

    As happens every five years, this November 27 the delegates to the municipal assemblies of Popular Power will be elected. The significance of this crucial moment is not reduced to the fact that those chosen will be the trustees of the voters in the scenario where they live and to whom the high responsibility of representing them will correspond, but, above all, that their problems, complaints and opinions are known, analyzed and reflected in state decision-making.

    By means of the free, equal, direct and secret vote of the majority of the people with the right to exercise it, the one who will represent them in the highest body of state power in their demarcation is chosen, explains, per se, the transcendence and significance of this democratic procedure that, as we Cubans know, constitutes a genuine fruit of the construction of socialism in the Greater Antilles.

    For those who choose the people this November 27, or, if necessary, in a second round on the coming December 4, exercising government in the respective municipal assemblies will mean, then, doing so without forgetting everything that must be transformed in favor of life in that little piece of land that is loved and defended against all contingencies, but in which, perhaps, a stable water service is not offered, homes with dirt floors persist, the roof of a warehouse demands repair that does not admit delays, or it is necessary to revive cultural life, among other concerns.

    Voting is not mandatory, although the conscious participation of the majority of those summoned will depend on the effectiveness at the time of electing the most capable, the prelude to a new term of office in which the structures of Popular Power will have to face extremely complex problems, in the midst of a national and global context in which there is no other alternative than managing the government's strings with maximum efficiency and transparency.

    Transparency and efficiency that will give continuity to a path begun with the process of nomination of candidates for People's Power delegates, which tomorrow Sunday will have another highlight and, from now on, will demand to walk alongside the delegate when it comes to solving or alleviating problems , through real participation, far from any hint of formality, and based on what the voters need and want to change with the help, in addition, of entities and organizations.

    Beyond all kinds of obstacles, the path that leads to a better future —the one we need and deserve— is not closed to those who, this November 27, will voluntarily return to the polls and, by doing so, will confirm the validity of the Cuban political and social system with the confidence of those who await an exemplary mandate in which to resist and create together, should be words of order for elected and represented people.