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    Félix voted for the future of opportunities, "thanks to the Revolution"

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    Félix a los 92 años

    At his 92 years old, walking stick in hand, Félix is ​​getting ready to vote. Photo: Osvaldo Gutiérrez Gómez.

    The affability, simplicity and indestructible modesty say a lot about Félix Álvarez Aguilar, 92, a man who at an early age was forced to work as a cleaning assistant, construction worker, seller of saints and religious prayers, newspapers, collector of water receipts..., and who began his Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences at the age of 55 and finished it at 60, "after old age", thanks to an "immeasurable Revolution that gives opportunities to all".

    I intercepted him, just, at the moment he was leaving to vote this Sunday.

    He was closely linked to that Revolution of his own free will and thanks to it he became a useful man; Founder of the Public Administration Union, sent to training courses at the National School of Cadres of the CTC, "to the sister Soviet Union", delegate to several Congresses of the organization and active participant in mobilizations towards agriculture, the only person from Ciego de Avila, creditor of the "SNTAP 60th Anniversary Commemorative Seal", for being the founder and first general secretary of that organization in the province of Ciego de Ávila.

    Tasks from which he came to move away —and not completely— at the age of 90, when the forces were not with him to do everything he would have wanted, but "yes to go to the polls this Sunday, as part of the people to vote by my base delegate; delegate to whom today I will say yes, but tomorrow I could say no; revoke it when a certain situation warrants it. This is my representative democracy”, comments Félix, with his finger raised, accusatory, against those who “live criticizing our electoral system, one of the fairest in the world”.