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    Así sí

    The work of the company has a direct impact on the population.

    Although not as daily as in the splendid years of the Cuban economy, the anticipated fulfillment of the annual plan by a certain company seems to reserve more motivation for its directors, specialists and workers than for the interests of a press aware that everything that is done it is insufficient, taken to the Roman where the levels produced (supply) and the needs (demand) increasingly counterpoint.

    On the other hand, the downward trend in these plans (for various reasons, many of them material or objective: no one denies it), somehow also less attractive in terms of journalistic coverage.

    I must admit, however, that this is not the case of the Ciego de Ávila Universal Products Marketing and Services Company, which, even in the midst of the thousand and more deficiencies created by these times, drew up a plan for 2022 higher than the previous year.

    I know that there will be no shortage of those who reason that your company or entity did so too. Congratulations. It is what is intended and so generally needed, on the one hand the national economy in a situation like the current one and on the other the pockets and family pots, just to mention the most direct and sensitive under each family roof.

    Only perhaps the aforementioned company from Ciego de Avila has a kind of peculiarity or at least one feature worth taking into account: 82 million pesos, of the more than 190.5 million that were recorded as a sale almost two months before the end of the calendar, do not correspond to merchandise that arrived “through the small channel”, but through internal management that spreads throughout the archipelago and therefore leaves out any interpretation of the pernicious practice that involves folding your arms and sitting down to wait.

    Así sí.

    Recognition of the most outstanding groups.

    The current panorama (inside and outside the country) forces us to harmonize the pace with the rhythm of life and in this the mentioned company seems to have enough clarity. An example of this could very well be the increasing level of sales to new economic players, such as self-employed workers and Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MIPYMES), even though the main client continues to be commerce. retailer, with the consequent impact on the population.

    For this reason, the prospect of opening a store with these characteristics in the provincial capital raises expectations regarding the demand for industrial products, according to comments for the readers of Bohemia Julio César Alamino Pérez, a boy whom the group saw arrive a day as a student, encouraged to carry out his internships, life later reserved a modest place for him there, he went through different steps and today he is the general director.

    For all this, without the excesses or just levels of past times, but above all without unnecessary noise or disturbances, the workers of Julio César celebrated the fulfillment of a plan that was not drawn up to crown easily and that should mark the ground to continue in 2023 with boots well on and go for more.