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    Sugar harvest in Ciego de Ávila: final details for the start

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    preparativos zafra azucarera ciego de avila 2022 2023 4

    The production of 54 562 tons of sugar, from the grinding of 777 211 tons (t) of cane, is the commitment of the Ciego de Ávila citizens for the 2022-2023 sugar contest, scheduled to start in the first fortnight of this month , with the start of the Ciro Redondo factory.

    Eduardo Larrosa Vázquez, director of Coordination and Technical Supervision of the Azcuba Business Group in Ciego de Ávila, informed the Provincial Government Council that this industry assumes the greatest responsibility, since it will process the largest volume of cane (591 327 t) to achieve 41 214 of the grain.

    He pointed out that it is ready, awaiting synchronization with the nearby bioelectric plant, where the 10 final works for start-up are being carried out, the operations personnel from China provide services and they have 34,000 tons of marabou biomass that ensure coverage for 45 days.

    Eduardo Larrosa Vázquez director de Coordinación y Supervisión Técnica del Grupo Empresarial Azcuba en Ciego de Ávila

    Seven machines guarantee continuity in the production of biofuels for the power plant and, consequently, the energy required for milling at Ciro Redondo, he said.

    He added that Ecuador, the other factory that will intervene in the dispute, is entering the final stage of the repairs, with the goal of advancing its startup to December 25 and beginning the processing of 185,884 t of cane to manufacture 13,000 348 of the so-called sweet gold and a thousand of syrup.

    The workers of the Primero de Enero factory are also in the final stretch of the conditioning, prepared to join the milling if necessary, although in the 2023 plan it was conceived for the production of molasses, he pointed out.

    preparativos zafra azucarera ciego de avila 2022 2023 1

    The molasses from this industry and Ecuador will be destined, in a fundamental way, to the production of alcohols, spirits and rums in the Nauyú Distillery, next to the Enrique Varona sugar factory, in the municipality of Chambas.

    Larrosa Vázquez emphasized that the harvest was organized for a short period ―until the first days of April, when the Ciro Redondo must conclude―, due to the economic complexities in the country, which requires more effort to complete the plans set.

    Financial problems increased by the US blockade and with an impact on the acquisition of resources for repairs in machinery, means of transportation and industry, the shortage of inputs, the energy crisis and other deficiencies associated with the agricultural and industrial areas, limit the coming sugar war, accurate.

    preparativos zafra azucarera 2020 2023

    The commitment to guarantee sugar for the regulated family basket and internal consumption is maintained, considering the demands of tourism, with forecasts of increasing the number of clients as the high tourist season progresses, Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, governor of the territory, emphasized.

    In this context, he urged to develop an efficient harvest, in consequence, in addition, with the efforts made to ensure the agricultural and manufacturing processes, as well as the adequate attention to the workers.

    He indicated continuing actions to promote political, economic and social transformations in neighborhoods and communities closely linked to the development of the sugar agro-industry, with the aim of increasing the quality of life of workers and their families.

    tomas alexis martin venegas gobernador de ciego de avila

    He underlined that to the extent that this sector and local governments assume their responsibility with the solution to the people's proposals, they will help to guarantee the necessary permanence in those places and, therefore, to preserve traditions associated with the cultivation of sugarcane, in addition to economic and social life in those environments.

    Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, stressed that the rise of the economy in Ciego de Ávila in 2023 is directly proportional to the sugar agribusiness, currently with more than 200 million pesos in losses and on which they depend the income of more than 10 thousand workers and their families.

    livan alonso izquierdo primer secretario del comite provincial del pcc en ciego de avila

    He stressed that this is a fundamental line, with guarantees for national security and potential to contribute to food sovereignty through the planting of agricultural products and animal husbandry, in addition to being part of the Cuban culture and identity.

    He urged the creation of a movement in the sugarcane towns aimed at promoting improvements in services, revitalizing political propaganda, stimulating popular participation in sugarcane agriculture and intensifying the confrontation with antisocial demonstrations that make it difficult to achieve the objectives.

    The challenge is to perform one harvest efficiently and prepare for the next.