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    Muthu Hotels increases its presence in Jardines del Rey

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    By establishing a management contract with the Cubanacán Hotel Group (GHC), the international chain MGM Muthu Hotels strengthens its presence in Jardines del Rey, where the Colonial Cayo Coco facility will become the fourth to operate with that firm from India.

    According to the information available on the internet, in the northern keys of the province of Ciego de Ávila, the aforementioned foreign company has management agreements with the Grand Muthu Cayo Guillermo, Imperial and Rainbow hotels, belonging to the Gaviota Tourism Group and with the category of five stars.

    In that destination, Muthu Colonial Cayo Coco, corresponding to the GHC, will have the particularity of being the first with the rank of Four Stars and attached to an entity subordinate to the Ministry of Tourism.

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    Rodolfo Martínez Chávez, director of the so-called Jardines del Rey flagship hotel, pointed out that the negotiations will become effective as of next January, although that foreign company is already marketing the Colonial, after including it in its catalogue.

    He assured that the integration of this foreign firm implies advantages for marketing, taking into account its influence in the leisure industry at a global level, as it has a consolidated market and links with renowned tour operators and travel agencies, which will have an impact on the increase in the number of visitors.

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    The manager highlighted that during the current high tourist season, reservations are steadily increasing as a result of the usual commercial efforts, promotional activity on social networks and customer recommendations on various virtual platforms.

    He added that they maintain a high satisfaction rate, verified in requests for extension of stay and suggestions for other travelers to enjoy in that accommodation center.

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    He expressed the intention of offering a more Cuban tourist product, with national drinks and the opportunity to savor exquisite Cuban food in ranches located near the pools and the beach.

    This hotel is inspired by the History of Cuba, with colonial motifs in the unique architecture of its buildings, cobbled streets and small squares that allow you to go back in time to a colonial-style past.

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    It is made up of 23 building modules, with 458 rooms that offer views of the sea, swimming pools and gardens, nestled in a charming village atmosphere, with colorful patios and paths that lead to restaurants, recreational areas and rooms.

    Sanny Orosa de Varona, deputy commercial director, explained that this facility, which was founded 29 years ago, recently underwent a renovation process, which included the room blocks, restaurants, bars, ranches, and swimming pools, access walkways to the beach, the nautical point and gardening.

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    The improvements included the improvement of the hot water and air conditioning systems, favorable conditions to assume the administration contract with one of the main chains of the leisure industry in the European region, which owns facilities in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Singapore, India and some Caribbean islands.

    Muthu Hotels has been present in Cuba since 2017 and currently has six facilities, with a Five-Star category, located in the tourist destinations Havana, Varadero, Jardines del Rey and Guardalavaca, according to the information available on the website of that foreign company.

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