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    People's Power delegates are trained in Ciego de Ávila

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    Sede Asamblea Municipal del Poder Popular Ciego de Avila

    The training of the recently elected 547 delegates to the municipal assemblies of Popular Power (AMPP) in the province of Ciego de Ávila, constitutes a guarantee for the efficient fulfillment of the powers granted to them by the Law as representatives of the people.

    Sonia Arenas Reyes, head of the Independent Department of Local Bodies of People's Power in Ciego de Ávila, explained that it will take place in two moments and will last until March 2023, by indication of the National Assembly, and with the aim of create capacities for proper performance.

    During the first interval, from December 5 to 10, they will deepen the study of the Cuban political system, including the role that corresponds to them in the evaluation of the candidacies and subsequent election of the presidents and vice presidents to the AMPP, and appointment of the secretary, an event that will take place on December 17.

    Delegados avileños

    With the support of the Provincial School of the Communist Party of Cuba "Mártires de Bolivia", the electoral councils and candidacy commissions in the province and municipalities also reinforce knowledge about the ideas, concepts and guidelines emanating from the Eighth Party Congress.

    They teach other topics related to the municipal elections and conditions for the general elections in 2023, local sociopolitical and economic characterizations, territorial development strategies and their projections, as well as the draft Municipal Budget and the participation of the delegates.

    The new representatives of the people in the territory will study the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, the Cuban Electoral System, the structure of the State and other regulations regarding the organization and operation of the AMPP and popular councils.

    It will be an opportunity to transmit previous experiences on the management of the constituency delegates and exchange on the role of social communication in the communities and the work in the popular councils.Arenas Reyes added that the training agenda incorporates the study of the methodology for accountability, dispatches and the processing of voter proposals, as well as the particularities of integrated community work.

    According to the information issued by the National Assembly of People's Power, this preparation takes place, in unison, throughout the country.

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