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    Hands for the transformation of the Vicente Popular Council

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    full Consejo Popular Vicente

    The contest of collectives from various entities together with the support of the residents of the Vicente Popular Council, in the municipality of Ciego de Ávila, promise to change the face of the communities in the coming weeks and months, which appear on the map of the most vulnerable.

    Prospects are good to change, little by little, problems accumulated over the years on fronts as dissimilar as the repair of roads, aqueduct networks, warehouses, schools, the construction of houses for people in situations of vulnerability, and the renovation of sports facilities.

    Even the town of Vicente, located to the east of the provincial capital, was attended by Julio Gómez Casanova, first secretary of the Party in the main municipality, Governor Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, coordinators of the Provincial Government, Mayor Yuri Izaguirre González, together with executives of companies and other factors of the community to project and organize the work of transformation.

    In the meeting, it was learned that this group of tasks for the benefit of the people has a budget of more than 10 million pesos and is part of the days of the decisive effort, scheduled to conclude, for the most part, before December 31. However, these are only initial amounts and dates, since the works in favor of improving the quality of life of the population will be a task of time given the age of many problems.

    For this reason, the governor ordered a detailed survey on the needs of the community to define the financing and the forces that will intervene in its solution. "Order the work so that it does not stay in a meeting, in addition to ensuring control over the actions," he insisted.

    “Do the things that are possible with the help of the population, and later the resources will appear? It is necessary that the fuse be lit here to start the transformation,” Martín Venegas said referring to the importance of integrated community work.

    The repair of the three kilometers of the entrance road to the town, from the Central Highway, in addition to 1600 meters in the Eastern Quarter; maintenances in pumping stations in various neighborhoods and the construction improvement of schools are among the actions that will be undertaken soon.

    The first secretary of the Communist Party in the municipality of Ciego de Ávila called for a good year-end fair to benefit the people of the popular council, for which the commitment of food producers is required in everything they can contribute.