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    Honor and glory for the heroes of the Homeland

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    operacion tributo en ciego de avila

    The people of Ciego de Ávila honor their fallen martyrs during internationalist missions 33 years after Operation Tribute. Thirty-three years after the completion of Operation Tribute, the people of Ciego de Ávila do not forget the heroism and sacrifice of their best sons who fell while carrying out internationalist missions.

    This December 7, when we also commemorate the 126th anniversary of the fall in combat of Major General Antonio Maceo Grajales and his assistant Captain Francisco (Panchito) Gómez Toro, combatants, students, workers, representatives of political and mass organizations, and people in In general, they made the traditional pilgrimage from the park that names the Bronze Titan to the Pantheon of the Fallen for the Defense of the Homeland in the provincial capital.

    Operación Tributo

    The simple act of remembrance in which the Maceo, Martí and Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz legacy was evoked, was presided over by Liván Izquierdo Alonso, member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in the province; Leonel Díaz Denis, official of the Central Committee of the Party; Governor Tomas Alexis Martín Venegas, as well as political and government authorities from the main municipality.

    acto homenaje a los caidos por la defensa de la aptria ciego de avila

    Yaneisi Baró Hernández, a member of the Municipal Bureau of the Party in Ciego de Ávila, in the central words of the act, highlighted the importance of unity, the validity of the fight against imperialism and for social justice in Cuba and the rest of the world.

    In the context of this event, the presidency recognized the delegates from Ciego de Ávila to the X Congress of the University Student Federation.

    Emotional moments were lived in accompanying the pain of colleagues, mothers, children and relatives, in the pantheon that keeps the remains of the 117 fallen in Africa from Avila. Until there came a massive pilgrimage that united students, workers and the people in general, in a respectful march and in remembrance of the martyrs.

    Gloria eterna

    Operation Tribute was the name given in Cuba to the transfer to the homeland of the Cuban internationalists who died during the fulfillment of honorable military and civilian missions in African lands and in other scenarios of aid to brother nations, such as Ethiopia and Nicaragua.

    Based on this task, the remains of the 2,085 martyrs who carried out military missions and 204 in civilian tasks were sent to our country, to be buried in the Cemeteries of the Fallen conditioned in each of the country's municipalities.

    Marcha hasta el Panteón de los Caídos