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    Scientists contribute to sustainable development in the northern cays of Ciego de Ávila

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    The contribution of the Center for Coastal Ecosystems (CIEC) to sustainable development in the northern cays of Ciego de Ávila, recently declared as an area with special regulations, was recognized by the Environment Agency, after evaluating the results of work for the year 2022.

    Martha Rodríguez Uratsuka, vice president of the institution, which brings together the 22 research centers of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in the country, highlighted that the CIEC is confirmed as a strength for compliance with environmental policies in a territory of preferential tourist use.

    In complex economic circumstances ―she stated― they have ensured sustainable progress in the Jardines del Rey archipelago and maintained essential services such as environmental monitoring and rehabilitation actions on beaches.

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    She recognized the investigative work in order to comply with the State Plan for Coping with Climate Change (Life Task), based on evaluations of the effects caused by atmospheric variations; in addition to strengthen communication work and environmental education.

    Rodríguez Uratsuka stressed the participation in actions to confront the depredation of natural resources in coastal ecosystems, with the purpose of correcting behaviors that violate the government's will to preserve the environment.

    Maikel Gómez Colina, director of the CIEC, underlined as the main results of the period the environmental study for the rehabilitation of the South Stoneway area and its surroundings, research in hotel facilities and the health of coral communities in the Jardines de la Reina National Park.

    Expedición Científica en el PNJR

    Physical-chemical and microbiological evaluations of coastal spas and lagoons, inquiries about the behavior of flora and fauna in the north and south cays of Ciego de Ávila, and another referred to the environmental impact of tourism development in the Sabana-Camagüey archipelago are added to this, he said.

    Through geographic information technologies, they carried out the diagnosis of the intervention site of the international project Mi Costa (Júcaro, in the municipality of Venezuela), where they strengthen resilience to climate change and integrate ecosystem-based adaptation into development planning, he added.

    The manager emphasized that the declaration of the northern cays of Ciego de Ávila as a Zone with Special Regulations reinforces the commitment to enforce environmental policies in the area, which is why Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz had the initiative to create that institution 31 years ago.

    Nueva denominación de cayos aprobadas

    He asserted that since then the specialists are integrated into the organization and development planning, and facilitate decision-making through the results of studies on the ecological impact of different construction projects.

    He also alluded to the consolidation of state services linked to archaeological investigations and monitoring of atmospheric variables, the latter based on the existence of a weather station at the CIEC.

    Reunión sobre cayería avileña y medio ambiente

    Miriam Teresita Llanes, PhD in Sciences, head of the Forecasting Center of the Meteorology Institute (Insmet), assessed the effectiveness of the observation work and the advantages from that point to evaluate the behavior of variables associated with the marine environment.

    She pointed out that under these conditions and based on the results of scientific research, it is possible to establish more accurate forecasts, therefore, the links between the Insmet and the CIEC are essential.

    Calidad en los servicios ambientales en instituciones hoteleras

    María del Carmen Olivera Isern, sub-delegate for the Environment in Ciego de Ávila, highlighted the execution of environmental monitoring in the mangrove forests rehabilitated by the international Coastal Resilience project, established in the Punta Alegre settlement, in the municipality of Chambas.

    She added that the CIEC has a Community Capacity Building Center at that site, aimed at transferring knowledge to strengthen and integrate disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into local progress plans.

    Fortalecen la resiliencia en Punta Alegre

    On this event, they honored founders, outstanding workers and those with 20 or more years of uninterrupted work at the center, gave recognition to pioneers who excel in environmental education activities, and rewarded the winners of the photography contest convened by that scientific institution.

    Ganadora de concurso de fotografía, Delicia Leyva Morales