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    The X Ordinary Period of the Cuban Parliament begins this Monday

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    The X Ordinary Period of Sessions of the National Assembly of Popular Power (Cuban Parliament) in its IX Legislature will take place from this Monday until December 14 at the Havana Convention Center.

    X Ordinary Period

    During this Monday, the deputies will analyze the reports on the progress of the economy in 2022 and the presentation of the general objectives and goals for the Economy Plan for the coming year, by the vice prime minister and head of the branch, Alexander Gil Fernandez.

    The agenda includes information from the Ministry of Energy and Mines regarding the situation of the National Electro-energy System and about compliance with Law No. 148 on Food Sovereignty, Food Security and Nutrition.

    The Government of Pinar del Rio will offer details on the recovery of the territory after the passage of Hurricane Ian last September.

    The meeting begins

    As part of the activities that preceded the meeting, on Sunday the 11 permanent work commissions of Parliament met, in which they discussed the importance of preserving the national identity from educational centers, the draft Public Health Law, health services community in Cuba and compliance with the Housing Program.

    In addition, the parliamentarians debated a critical problem such as passenger transportation in the Services Attention Commission, and the confrontation with illegalities, crime and manifestations of corruption in sectors such as domestic commerce.

    The National Assembly of People's Power is the supreme body of State power and the only one with constituent and legislative power in the Republic of Cuba.