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    Baskets and fairs are prepared for the end-of-year festivities in Ciego de Ávila

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    full feria agropecuaria

    The contributions of state companies and new actors in the economy in Ciego de Ávila will allow offering a module of food products to 180,000 nuclei for the end of the year and in salute to the triumph of the Revolution, in addition to hold fairs in all municipalities on December 28, 29 and 30.

    Yadiel Pérez Téllez, coordinator of agri-food programs and objectives in the provincial government, confirmed this and also explained that the number of nuclei took into account those not inventoried by the Office of the Consumer Registry, estimated at just over 1,000.

    The so-called Basket will be distributed in a staggered manner, in each territory, from December 12 to 28, through the warehouse system of the Commerce Business Group. The questions that every consumer is asking themselves right now are what does that basket bring and how much is it going to cost?

    • In previous years (2021 and 2020) fairs have been held, but the basket by nuclei is the first time that it has been organized.

    The module that will reach all the nuclei contains cumin, garlic paste, seasoned onion paste, mojito, marinade, Chinese sauce, complete seasoning, a package of tostones and one of chopped root vegetables, as well as a bottle of rum.

    By municipalities, other products will be added such as spread and pickles (Majagua, Morón and Ciego de Ávila); dry wine (Chambas, Morón and Bolivia); vinegar (Ciego de Ávila, Morón and Chambas); sweet wine (Florencia and Venezuela).

    Likewise, half a kilogram of cheese will be secured (Ciego de Ávila and Morón); flavored soy milk (Chambas and Ciro Redondo); soy milk shake (Primero de Enero, Florencia and Majagua); half a kilogram of dressing (Bolivia and Venezuela).

    Fish croquettes (Majagua and Primero de Enero); fish with regulated sale in fishmongers (Chambas, Bolivia, Primero de Enero, Florencia, Majagua, Ciro Redondo, Venezuela and Baraguá). In the case of Morón and the provincial capital, between 4 and 5 tons of fish will be sold at popular fairs every day.

    Regarding meat, Pérez Téllez said that seasoned mincemeat will be delivered per person in the 10 municipalities, as part of the normed basket corresponding to the month. In addition, mince (100 percent beef) will be sold in Morón and four pounds of pork for the Ciego de Ávila nuclei. The rest of the territories work to guarantee animal protein (small cattle and poultry, and large cattle out of balance) for their populations, in the modalities and places that they determine.

    To achieve these purposes, the contribution of companies such as Agroindustrial Ceballos, La Cuba, the Integral Agropecuaria of the capital municipality, Stockpiling, Preserves and Vegetables, Beverages and Refreshments, Dairy, Fishing, Porcine, Invasive Route and Turiguanó Genetics has been essential. Also of the local development projects La Trocha and Son de la Tierra.

    Food baskets and fairs in Ciego de Ávila

    Regarding the price of the basket from Ciego de Avila, the coordinator specified that this matter is still being worked on, but it will be reported before the start of the sale.

    The Business Group of Commerce and the Accommodation Company, said the manager, organize for days 24, 30, 31 and 1st. January about 100,000 dinners, which will be directed, basically, to workers in prioritized sectors such as Health and Education, and their families. These entities are expected to participate in the fairs with food prepared to take away.

    “We cannot reach 100 percent of the people of Ciego de Avila with 100 percent of the products, but we have tried to make a distribution as equitable as possible. That is why there are lines that will be sold by core and others through fairs and in a regulated manner”, Pérez Téllez explained.

    As planned and reconciled, the Cimex and Caribe store chains will distribute chicken, oil, sausage and detergent at the end of the year, in the sales modality by district that has been used up to now, although there is no possibility of covering all nuclei at the same time with all four products.

    Meanwhile, the regulated basic basket is already sold throughout the province, except for coffee, which will be fulfilled before the end of the month. It is still not possible to specify if the sale of the January basket will be brought forward, as on other occasions.