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    The Council of State reports to the National Assembly of People's Power

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    rendicion de cuenta del consejo de estado en la asamblea nacional del poder popular diciembre 2022 2

    The Council of State of the Republic of Cuba rendered an account this Tuesday before the National Assembly of People's Power, on the second day of the Tenth Ordinary Period of Sessions of the Cuban Parliament, in its IX Legislature.

    When reading the respective report, the Vice President of this body, Ana María Mari Machado, said that this exercise occurs in compliance with the provisions of article 120 of the Constitution of the Republic, the provisions of article 184 section 1 of the Law No. 131 "Law on the Organization and Operation of the National Assembly of People's Power and the Council of State" and by virtue of Agreement no. IX-154, of July 22, 2022 of the highest body of state power.

    In her speech, she pointed out that, in accordance with the Cuban Magna Carta, the Council of State maintains the character of a representative body of the National Assembly and, in accordance with the Electoral Law, it was constituted on October 10, 2019, the date as of the which included the report submitted and included until October 31, 2022.

    rendicion de cuenta del consejo de estado en la asamblea nacional del poder popular diciembre 2022 2

    “The Council of State, at the stage that is reported, has been characterized by a systematic operation, despite the fact that a good part of this period was affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and a complex political and economic scenario that impacts Cuba and the world,” Mari Machado said.

    The Council of State:

    • It has held 25 meetings, of which 19 ordinary and 6 extraordinary.

    The participation of the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, is permanent in its sessions.

    • In this period, it has issued 65 decree-laws, 21 of them in compliance with the Legislative Schedule, mostly to develop constitutional content.

    • The constitutional mandate to analyze the bills presented in the National Assembly has been fulfilled.

    • On the agenda of its meetings, in addition to the body's intense legislative activity, the analysis of issues of importance for the country stands out.

    • In the debates of each one of these topics, the depth and quality of the interventions of the members of the body have been evidenced.

    • The information from the reporting institutions and the contributions and participation of the permanent work commissions have been very useful. For this purpose, the latter made 17 visits to provinces and 95 municipalities, as well as to more than 2,000 work and student centers, and maintained a permanent link with the people, particularly with young people.

    The Vice President of the Council of State indicated that, through the use of individual consultation with its members, 465 agreements have been adopted; a plan of topics was approved that has contributed to the improvement of the work of the body and the fulfillment of its powers; and control of the mandates defined in the laws and decree laws approved has been permanently incorporated into state bodies.

    rendicion de cuenta del consejo de estado en la asamblea nacional del poder popular diciembre 2022 2

    "As we can see, the work of the Council of State has increased, both in legislative activity and in the analysis of issues with an impact on the economic and social life of the country, and on issues related to institutional strengthening, particularly regarding the improvement of the organs of Popular Power”, Ana María Mari Machado stated.

    However, she stressed that, in the next Legislature, it is necessary to continue consolidating its work, so that the Council of State fully develops its constitutional powers. Among the aspects that require further investigation are:

    • Continue deepening the definition of the topics under analysis for its meetings, particularly in matters of greatest importance and with a direct impact on our population.

    • Improve the mechanisms for the analysis, follow-up and control of the issues that are submitted to its consideration, as well as compliance with laws and decree laws.

    • Demand greater depth in the reports that are presented at their meetings, in order to be able to agree, when appropriate, on the necessary measures to transform the problems raised, as well as that these be presented within the established deadlines.

    • Greater use and interaction with the permanent work commissions of the National Assembly.

    • Improve monitoring of compliance with the agreements of the National Assembly and the Council of State itself.

    • Systematize the training and preparation of each of its members and their participation in activities related to their responsibilities.

    • Stimulate popular participation in the legislative activity that corresponds to the Council of State.

    Subsequently, the Vice President of the Republic of Cuba, Salvador Valdés Mesa, head of the Temporary Commission created for this purpose, read the respective opinion on the rendering of accounts.

    rendicion de cuenta del consejo de estado en la asamblea nacional del poder popular diciembre 2022 1

    It meant that, in the three years that have elapsed, the Council of State has complied with the powers granted to it by the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

    The Commission recommended that the body should work on a social communication strategy that gives more transparency to its management; analyze and evaluate the results of control visits carried out in the territories; prepare from the beginning of the Legislature a plan that guides its management; increase the actions of control and supervision of State entities, and continue working on the improvement of People's Power in coordination with the corresponding State bodies.

    rendicion de cuenta del consejo de estado en la asamblea nacional del poder popular diciembre 2022 1