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    Marabou gain ground in areas near the Zaza-Ciego de Ávila canal

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    Ganan terreno al marabú en áreas cercanas al canal Zaza-Ciego

    Another step in the use of the waters of the Zaza-Ciego master canal is taken in the municipality of Majagua with the cleanup of land infested with marabou, which in a first stage will cover some 469.7 hectares (ha) for planting in the present cold campaign.

    To date, more than 160 ha have been freed from the invasive plant to be planted with rice in the coming days, thanks to the work carried out by members of the Credit and Services Cooperatives (CCS) and Agricultural Production Cooperatives (CPA), both named Antonio Palacio, belonging to the Limones Palmero Popular Council.

    Yadier Castillo Gómez, administrator of the CPA, explained to the press that planting will go hand in hand with cleaning, in order to take advantage of the water from the canal and the assigned fuel.

    Liván Izquierdo Alonso, a member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in the province, in a recent exchange with representatives of the productive bases that will plant this area, ordered them to clear, prepare and plant the land without losing pace in that sequence.

    Currently, operators from the Water Development Company in Ciego de Ávila are building secondary channels (which will have a distance of about 18 kilometers as a whole and a depth that goes from 80 centimeters to one meter) for irrigation from the delivery points. Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven of this important hydraulic work.

    At the same time, efforts are dedicated to the creation of drainage channels, associated with the irrigation systems of Zaza-Ciego de Ávila, vital to avoid excess humidity in crops during the rainy season.

    The Zaza-Ciego de Ávila master canal, to date, is 41 kilometers long, and since mid-2021 it began to be given value for use. It receives volumes of water from the Lebrige, Dignorah and Felicidad dams, in Sancti Spíritus, for use through its 15 designed delivery points.

    Some 60 ha of cane from the CPA Ramón Domínguez de la Peña and the La Teresa Fingerling Base Business Unit, belonging to the Fishing Company, currently benefit from its waters.