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    Annual journalism prizes awarded in Ciego de Ávila

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    The journalists’ work of the year 2022 from Ciego de Ávila was recognized this Wednesday with the Eddy Martin Award, in a simple act organized by the Union of Cuban Journalists in the province, which was held at the Colonel Simón Reyes Hernández Provincial History Museum.

    Entregan premios anuales de periodismo en Ciego de Ávila

    As in previous editions of the contest, Invasor won in the categories in which it competed, this time with the prizes for the Best Work of the Year in Printed Press, Digital Press and Graphic Press.

    The jury, made up of journalists Cecilia Rodríguez Saavedra, Luis Raúl Vázquez Muñoz, Roberto Carlos Delgado Burgos, Julio García Ruiseco and Enrique Dámado Rodríguez Betancourt, decided to award Ailén Castilla Padrón in Print Press.

    Of her work, which ranged from cultural issues to health and economic issues, they basically said: "Not only the variety of topics was recognized, but also the broad domain of genres and the expository quality, which shows the maturity reached. On this occasion, the discipline, the sense of belonging, the courage and vocation of service towards its public are glimpsed”.

    In the Digital Press category, Amanda Tamayo Rodríguez stood out, taking into account “the inquisitive look at reality and the multiplicity of hypermedia resources used to communicate”. The sample of the young reporter made a narrative, audiovisual and infographic tour of her work in the year that almost ended.

    The third prize that swells the Invasor showcase went to the designer Yoanne Mursulí Rodríguez. From the file presented, the judges decided to highlight the correct use of graphic resources, the intention to search for updated codes, as well as the emphasis on achieving affective ties from the design.

    Also in this category, the jury recognized the work of camera operator David Oliver de Armas.

    Precisely the prize in Television was deserved by Karín Gómez, a reporter from the provincial telecentre, for her ability to attend to relevant details for the audience, even in jobs marked by the urgency of information. At the same time, the sagacity to find life stories charged with human sensitivity was rewarded.

    Meanwhile, the best work of 2022 in Radial Press was that of Yanaisy Sarduy Sánchez, a journalist for the municipal radio station Radio Amanecer. The minutes read during the award ceremony and noted the following: “their skill and professional acumen are recognized when it comes to find complex and highly varied issues, which feel the local reality, but which, at the same time, are capable of connecting with the national agenda”.