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    Provincial Baseball: Will history repeat itself?

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    Béisbol Provincial: ¿se repetirá la historia?

    The two teams that disputed the title in the last edition of the Provincial Baseball Championship, Primero de Enero and Ciro Redondo, could do it again in this fight in 2022, judging by the results this Wednesday in the semifinal playoffs they had on stage the José Ramón Cepero and Diciember 14 stadiums (in Florence).

    By the way, in the installation of the municipality of the beautiful landscapes, the locals could not beat the visitors and fell with a score of 12x8 in extrainining.

    We have no reference to this program other than the decision to postpone the second match, since the initial one started after 11:00 in the morning and the competition regulations do not allow matches to start after three in the afternoon; therefore, there will be two duels next Friday in the Sergio Antuña park.

    However, Invasor was present at the main baseball facility in Ciego de Ávila, in which the hosts, in the initial turn, lost by one, but in the sixth they scored three times to finally win 3-1.

    The current champions played terrible defense, especially in that fateful episode, in which a shot by catcher Sandro Tornés to second, to start a double play, made it easier for shooter Yoandri Ferrales to get complicated.

    The monticular triumph corresponded to the young Yuniel Batista who, with lateral throws and a straight line that could be in the order of 87 miles, left the current monarchs in only three rockets.

    In the closing duel, the visitors were the winners of the opponent's ivory, because in their last offensive opportunity, they lost 3-5 and with a cluster of five scores, they left the disciples of Olympian Danny Miranda without a chance.

    The key play of the match occurred with the bases loaded, with no outs, when Tornes' groundout to shortstop —ideal for a double play— against reliever Yudiel Roque, meant three scores due to the error of shortstop Christian Pagarizabal.

    The success went to the account of the right Yudel Roque and the failure to Danel Figuera. There were six blunders on the defense, three per side.

    Both teams will travel this Friday to the monarchs' estates to decide in a game which of the two will dispute the scepter against the winner of the Florencia-Ciro Redondo duel.

    The Provincial Baseball Commission announced that next Saturday will be the selection of the five reinforcements — three must be pitchers — for the final playoff that will be five games. The throne will be reached by the first to reach three victories.