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    Attention to the elderly in Ciego de Ávila is highlighted

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    The creation of facilities for more than 55,300 older adults in the province of Ciego de Ávila is one of the government priorities in view of the growing aging population and as part of the Demographic Dynamics Care Program in the country.

    The Demographic Observatory in Ciego de Ávila highlighted the allocation of 426 places to join nursing homes, services for 17,600 linked to circles of grandparents, social assistance for 824 and specialized medical care for 312 with dementia, as well as the management of housing modules to about 240.

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    The aforementioned institution recognizes improvements in the quality of life, a purpose to which contribute, from another perspective, activities organized by institutions attached to the Provincial Directorate of Sports, Physical Culture and Recreation (INDER) for more than 12 400 people with 60 or more years, and the operation of 11 chairs for the elderly.

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    As reported by the Provincial Government of People's Power (GPPP), 16 grandparents' houses provide services in the territory, of which two ―located in the municipalities of Florencia and Ciro Redondo― are undergoing repair processes.

    Until the year 2030, the construction of another six is ​​expected in the municipalities of Primero de Enero, Florencia, Venezuela, Baraguá and Morón; two in the latter, for being the second town with the highest concentration of inhabitants in the province.

    Six of the eight nursing homes benefit from maintenance and another four must be built before the end of the current decade in the territories of Morón, Primero de Enero, Baraguá and Florencia, the GPPP pointed out.

    He raised as a challenge the training of caregivers for the elderly, an activity that is registered in the Family Code, recently approved in a popular referendum.

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    The GPPP highlighted that, in a context of demographic aging, this law names and recognizes the figure of family caregivers, protects their rights and offers guarantees in the performance of such a noble mission, when they assume total or partial responsibility for the care of another person who is part of your family.

    He added that the Code tries to achieve a balance, on the one hand, the right that everyone has to care and, on the other, that of those who, renouncing personal and professional projects, devote themselves to caring for their relatives.

    He appreciated as other guarantees of this law the recognition of adults, with special mention of grandparents and grandmothers, who have transmitted values, traditions and customs, in addition to forging family identity and being designs of the work of caring for younger generations.

    Therefore, he emphasized, it is also an expression of values, loyalty and respect for those who have preceded us.

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    It reported that, in accordance with national policies to deal with the socioeconomic impact of the increase in the number of elderly people and the low fertility levels that delay population replacement, during the year 2022 more than 420 jobs were assigned to citizens included in that age range.

    They stimulate labor incorporation by creating facilities in different areas, including remote work, considering the potential of previous generations to contribute, especially in positions that require more intellectual than physical effort.

    This reinsertion also ensures the transfer of elementary experiences and knowledge to the new generations, experts on the subject acknowledge.

    In the aging of the population, although it affects the entire territory, it is reflected more sharply in the municipalities of Florencia, Chambas and Majagua, in that order, where the GPPP permanently checks the execution of the budget allocated to the Program of Attention to the Demographic Dynamics.

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    Likewise, they increase the training of those involved in the implementation of this program and incorporate the analyzes on the subject to the definition of the provincial and local development strategies.

    When evaluating the matter in the current meeting of the Cuban Parliament, the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, pointed out that the population group of 60 years or older is the only one that is growing in the country, with almost 2.4 million people in those ages.

    Manuel Marrero Cruz

    In these circumstances and along with attention to growing needs, the participation of older adults in economic and social tasks is encouraged.