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    Municipal Assembly of Morón verifies the empowerment of women (+ Photos)

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    Today, the constitution of the Municipal Assembly of Popular Power (AMPP) in the municipality of Morón, confirmed the empowerment of women in Ciego de Ávila society when some 35 took office as delegates, two of them elected as president and vice president, and another appointed as secretary of that government structure.

    Evidencia Asamblea Municipal de Morón el empoderamiento de la mujer (+Fotos)

    The Municipal Electoral Council expressed that female representation constitutes 48.6 percent of the AMPP ―composed of 72 delegates―; in addition to reflect the progress of women and equal rights, opportunities and possibilities, considering the facilities to access decision-making.

    The policies in favor of the development of Cuban women, defined in Presidential Decree number 198 of the year 2021 (National Program for the Advancement of Women) are consolidated in the territory of Morón, where the work of numerous women who served as delegates during the seventeenth term of office of the Organs of People's Power.

    The Communist Party and Government in the province distinguished the work of Magdalena Díaz Mato and Magdalena Lima López, who performed satisfactorily during the fulfillment of their functions as president and vice president of the AMPP, respectively, in the stage that ended.

    Evidencia Asamblea Municipal de Morón el empoderamiento de la mujer (+Fotos)

    Celia María López Reyes, elected on this day as president of the AMPP, thanked the trust placed in them to lead that local body during the eighteenth term of office and expressed the will to represent the people with dignity.

    She expressed to the directions of the province and the country that Morón is a municipality of victories, committed to the continuity of the Revolution, therefore, the members of the Assembly will not disappoint them.

    The AMPP of Morón stands out for its heterogeneity, as it is made up of men and women of different generations, linked to the production of goods and services, sectors such as Education and Culture, political leaders, state and government bodies, Popular Power and business administrators.

    There are also specialists, presidents of popular councils, affiliates of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution, the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior members, retirees, housewives, workers in the non-state sector and peasants among the representatives of the people.

    The delegates, with a recognized revolutionary trajectory and integrated, for the most part, to political organizations, swore allegiance to the Homeland, to observe and have the Constitution, laws and other legal norms observed; and behave as faithful servants of the people and the community, to the control of which they submit.

    They expressed their commitment to fully comply with the obligations imposed on them by the position for which they were elected.

    Evidencia Asamblea Municipal de Morón el empoderamiento de la mujer (+Fotos)

    Nilka Drake Mora, first secretary of the Municipal Party Committee in Morón, described the constitutive session of the AMPP as a genuine expression of democracy and urged the members of that body to fulfill their duties and lead, together with the people, transformations in neighborhoods and communities.

    She highlighted the complexity of the context in which they will carry out their work, marked by a multi-causal economic crisis, exacerbated by the US blockade against Cuba; and unconventional warfare, financed by the historical enemy of the Revolution to discredit the leaders and create a climate of social instability.

    The constitutive sessions of the AMPP took place successfully in the remaining nine municipalities of Ciego de Ávila, in the case of Morón, chaired by Liván Izquierdo Alonso, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and first secretary of that political organization in Ciego de Ávila; and Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, governor of the province.

    Reina Torres Pérez, head of the Department of Information and Social Communication of the Provincial Government of People's Power, and deputy to the National Assembly, emphasized, in her account on the social network Facebook, that women make up 47 percent of the membership of the AMPP in the main town.

    Evidencia Asamblea Municipal de Morón el empoderamiento de la mujer (+Fotos)

    Evidencia Asamblea Municipal de Morón el empoderamiento de la mujer (+Fotos)

    Evidencia Asamblea Municipal de Morón el empoderamiento de la mujer (+Fotos)