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    Two delegates and Martha's harvest

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    Dos delegados y la cosecha de Marta

    When Marta Hernández Fleitas, an 82 year-old woman, reads this interview, she will continue to feel proud of the family she has created. Her son, Amaury Gómez Hernández, has been very clear about honoring the continuity of the action and the thought that she has instilled in him.

    With the nomination of Amaury and his eldest son as candidates for delegates to the municipal assemblies of Popular Power, a cycle initiated by the maternal grandfather in defense of the Cuban Revolution as well as the family itself was closed. That giving everything for what belongs to everyone, which is the fate of yours.

    That is why when Amaury was informed of the nomination of his son, Maury Gómez Ramos, 25, for constituency 96, he knew he was happy and free of any kind of rivalry before the beautiful act of recognition.

    It no longer matters that the votes have invested him as a delegate, 191 votes to 81. There was and will not be a competition between father and son, although Amaury uses words like battle and contention to describe the unusual event. “As is commonly said, it was like a battle between me and my son, a 'contest', but for love; by the result of education; for the values ​​formed, those of the Revolution and its conquests; It's a nice battle."

    Marta, smiling, and to continue motivating her grandson, when the result of the elections was learned on November 27, she said, "You'll be a delegate, from time to time, now you have to continue supporting your father", which motivated laughter and humorous comments within the family.

    At 50 years old, Amaury has known how to found a family similar to the one his parents had. He is a correct man, with agile thinking, a facility for words when it comes to speaking and convincing. A humble person. Helping others is his main attitude towards life.

    How did you start in these paths of Popular Power?

    ―Since I was old enough to vote and be elected to the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), I began as president for seven consecutive years. One fine day, I was nominated for delegate and had a period of three terms as a grassroots delegate, to later carry out a term in the Provincial Assembly. When I finished that period, I thought about the end of my directing work. But not. I left then, again, president of the CDR”.

    ―Popular Power positions in this instance are not professionals, that is, you have a job that takes up part of your time. How do you juggle work, family and the mandate of your neighbors?

    ―I work as a commercial driver for CIMEX and you can already imagine the amount of time that absorbs me, but family is everything, for her there are no objections. Then there is the extended family that you earn when you represent the people of your neighborhood, of your community. For them there is an equally great commitment. It is about making the neighborhood beautiful, but also about being useful to everyone, solving problems to the extent possible. Every so often a problem arises and usually more complex than the previous one. One tries to make an effort and, with the unconditional support of the family, one is getting it.

    ―Can you be satisfied, knowing that there are material debts?

    “One is never satisfied with things achieved. Even if you do it with the townspeople, the one who is with you, who you have seen grow and age. There is no rest. In previous mandates it has been possible to provide a solution to some issues such as public lighting, street drainage, but what's up, there is still a lot to do.

    ―What does it feel like when your neighbors vote in your favor as a delegate through a free and secret vote?

    "Imagine..., strength to continue fighting side by side with them." It is an honor to do good things. I know that my son will be by my side, supporting, giving ideas, materializing others.

    "Could we say that you feel pride?"

    - Yes, and with great honor. It is not a fatuous pride, because being a delegate does not imply any privilege, but my family deserves this recognition that comes through us. My parents have been very concerned and are also responsible for something like this happening. For the education they gave my brothers and I, my children, for the values ​​sown. In addition, my mother even more, because I have a brother who left as a delegate around April 9. Moreover, she releases it all the time, with pride, she has two children and a grandson "who buzz the top of her head."

    "I would like to know if you voted for your son, but I will not give in to that temptation." Instead, do you think he would have made a good delegate?

    -Yes. It has all the political and moral conditions. He is prepared to face any task. He has always been active in all the calls of the Homeland and the people. He has stepped up, even when he was younger and studying full time. Most importantly, he knows how to listen. The leadership of the country is calling for the incorporation of young people into all tasks. He was never my rival, he is my son. In this matter, there is only room for love.

    Because of love for the Homeland, of the obligation to defend the Revolution, Marta always spoke to them. Now he looks at his tallest grandson with the pride of someone who knows that the future is guaranteed. Maury Gómez Ramos is a lieutenant in the Revolutionary Armed Forces, a graduate of the Military Academy and extensive studies in sociology, communication, and counterintelligence tactics.

    He is a very active boy in voluntary work, he does not miss one. He seems more mature for his age, especially when it comes to listening and offering answers. He knows how to behave according to his interlocutors. In that sense, the influence of his father is noticeable.

    “The Commander in Chief said it many times, everything is part of education and the first educators are the family. All that I am now I thank my family, my parents, my grandmother. I come from a revolutionary background and it is wonderful”.

    ―The nomination as a candidate for delegate in your constituency, together with your father, was a surprise? How did you accept it?

    “Yes, totally, it was something new and it made me happy. It was the result of having achieved a beautiful relationship with the CDR, with my people. In addition, the fact that my father was elected does not mean that I do not contribute everything I can. There was a lot of responsibility towards them and it will continue to be so. My family taught me to love cleanly, without expecting anything in return. The best one won, the one that the community deserved and, above all, love. I am still proud of my family, of my father, and, above all, of my grandmother, who was the one who started this marvel.

    Marta will sit down to wait for the call from her two sons when they take office this Saturday as delegates to the Ciego de Ávila Municipal Assembly of People's Power. She will turn on the radio, someone will make her read this interview and she will drink her steaming coffee, convinced that she has sown fertile ground.