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    Hot final of provincial baseball

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    When everything seemed to indicate that Ciro Redondo would threaten to checkmate Primero de Enero in the playoff of the 44th Provincial Baseball Championship, the current champions took the second game out of the freezer, of a double bill, which took place at the Sergio stadium Antuña.

    Candente finalísima de béisbol provincial

    After a first match in which the hosts had excellent work from Kevin Soto's box, to prevail with a comfortable 6-0 scoreline, although it is fair to say that only six rockets hit the right-hander Yuniel Batista, a lateral shooter of more than 87 miles and that he should be one of the young promises in the future Los Tigres team.

    However, Batista's defense played very poorly, to the point that his teammates botched three times. In truth, Ciro Redondo, at least in that first match, seemed far superior to the current monarchs.

    In the second clash, however, the Violeta citizens had to demonstrate the reason for their crown in 2019, when after going down 0-4, they managed to score, between the fourth and fifth innings, seven runs to take command and not lose it in the rest of the match.

    It was a very heated game, because after the now Pinero Rubén Valdés connected a three-run homer to the young shooter Osmany Artiles, there was an exchange of gestures and words, and both players were expelled from the game.

    The success from the mound was credited to Yoendry Ferrales and the defeated was Geysel Téllez. Now both teams will meet again next Thursday, for a double game, in the main stadium of the municipality of Primero de Enero.

    Whoever achieves both wins will be crowned starter. If the division of honors is repeated, then Saturday will be the decisive clash at the Sergio Antuña stadium in Ciro Redondo.