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    Details on the basket for the end of the year in Ciego de Ávila

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    If 1,000 basic need stores existed in Ciego de Ávila, more than 1,000 queues and 100,000 daily opinions could be witnessed since the sale of the New Year's basket or module began, announced in the middle of the month by this newspaper. It has been the trending topic of the network… of commercial stores.

    Some people, thanking that in times of inflation and scarcity there are products demanded at lower prices than usual; others questioning the quality of a product with reasons, as happened with the beef mince marketed in Morón, and some spreading rumors about the sale of pork in poor condition, which has already been denied.

    Televisión Avileña

    This Wednesday, Yadiel Pérez Téllez, coordinator of Agri-food Programs and Objectives in the Provincial Government, specified it to Ciego de Ávila Television.

    A day before, the manager offered details to Invasor about the basket that ranges between 850.00 and 1960.00 pesos and offers between 11 and 17 products, which "does not mean that consumers are obliged to purchase them all," he declared.

    The differences between quantity and variety are due, in part, to the potential of each territory, since municipalities such as Chambas, Baraguá and Ciro Redondo, for example, are stronger in the agricultural sector and will have a greater presence of these, Pérez Téllez said.

    Likewise, the fact that the production of meat cannot cover the totality of some 180,000 family nuclei, determined that four pounds of pork are sold in the capital at 185.00 pesos per pound, while in Morón two pounds of ground-beef are offered.

    However, the manager assured that on the 28th, 29th and 30th, fairs will be promoted in the rest of the municipalities where, in a regulated manner, around seven meat products will also be sold.

    The idea, Yadiel rounded off, is that all the wineries sell the food as it arrives and it is completed before December 30.

    It is also expected that as of the 28th, part of the basic basket for the month of January will begin to be dispatched, which must be completed when the total amount of food arrives in the province.