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    It is estimated a small electricity deficit for today's peak hours

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    The Ciego de Ávila Electric Company reports that yesterday, Thursday, there was no deficit at any time of the day. For today, no effects are forecast for this cause, except for the hours of maximum demand in which, due to low reserve levels, a deficit of 4 megawatts (MW) is estimated for the province.

    Estiman pequeño déficit eléctrico para horario pico de hoy

    The highest demand yesterday in the province was 103 MW at 6:40 pm.

    Yesterday, the electrical service was not affected due to a deficit in generation capacity in the national territory, although there were effects on the service due to shots in the transmission network that completely affected the service in several municipalities in the provinces of Matanzas and Cienfuegos.

    The availability of the National Electroenergetic System at 07:00 hours is 2,340 MW and the demand is 1,860 MW, without affecting the service due to capacity deficit; it is estimated that this day the service will not be affected for this reason.

    Units 6 and 7 of the Mariel Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE), units 1 and 2 of the Santa Cruz CTE, units 4 and 5 of the Nuevitas CTE and unit 2 of the Felton CTE are out of service due to failure.

    Unit 8 of the CTE Mariel and units 3 and 4 of the CTE Renté are under maintenance.

    Technological limitations are maintained in the thermal generation blocks in operation (336 MW).

    In distributed generation, 846 MW are unavailable due to failure and 549 MW are under maintenance.

    For peak hours, the entry of unit 2 of the CTE Santa Cruz with 75 MW and the entry of 298 MW in diesel engines are estimated.