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    More than 500 graduates of Higher Education in Ciego de Ávila

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    Más de 500 egresados de la Educación Superior en Ciego de Ávila

    In an atypical school year closure, which still "drags" the curricular adjustment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Higher Education delivered more than 500 graduates in Ciego de Ávila in various disciplines of medical, technical, social, agricultural and livestock sciences.


    The week that concluded took place the graduations of the universities in Ciego de Ávila. On December 22, the Máximo Gómez Báez University of Ciego de Ávila (UNICA), during the 44th edition of this protocol act, awarded diplomas to 167 students of the regular daytime course of Economics and Business, Social and Humanistic, Pedagogical, Computer Science, Exact Sciences, Techniques and Physical Culture and Sports.

    The celebration took place in the Máximo Gómez Báez square and those deserving of the Gold Title, the Scientific Merit Award, as well as in the categories of Assistant Student, Teaching, Sports, Culture and Defense activities were recognized. The most comprehensive graduate was Hansel Lorenzo Torres, who was recognized for carrying out tasks with a social impact, including recovery work in areas devastated by natural phenomena.

    A group of law graduates are among the graduates, whom Humberto David González Figueroa, president of the Provincial People's Court, congratulated on behalf of all the workers in the sector and welcomed them home, as a family, to continue strengthening the effective and transparent justice” that distinguishes Cuba.

    The Doctor of Science Yurisbel Gallardo Ballat, rector of UNICA, said that the new group of professionals is called to innovate, work with dedication and generate positive changes in their environment.

    Earlier, on December 14, UNICA had completed the graduation of the Higher Technician of Short Cycle of Water and Sanitation, after this specialty was opened in January 2021, with the aim of offering improvement to those who work in that activity and need a greater and better mastery or development within it.

    Another of the novelties of this house of higher studies in the recently concluded school year was the graduation of the first graduates of the Sociocultural Management for Development career, in its modality of regular daytime study, and of the Artistic Education career in its modality of short cycle.

    For its part, the José Assef Yara Faculty of Medical Sciences also held its 42nd end-of-course ceremony in the Giraldo Córdova Cardín multipurpose room. This Friday, more than 230 young people from Ciego de Avila received their degrees in the specialties of Medicine, Stomatology, Short Cycle Higher Technician in Nutrition, Prosthetics, Stomatology and Nursing, as well as technicians in Stomatology, Orthopedics and Pharmaceutical Services. A similar ceremony was held in Morón.

    Berta Leonor Jiménez Suárez, principal of José Assef Yara, highlighted the exemplary performance of the students, who knew how to grow in a very difficult scenario marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, reported the Cuban News Agency. Likewise, he urged them to defend the principles of Cuban Health, characterized by its deep humanism, and to be better in the exercise of the profession.

    All the graduations of the universities in Ciego de Ávila were dedicated to the 64th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution and the centenary of the University Student Federation.