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    The #CiegodeÁvilaHeartbeat already has its song

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    Arnaldo Rodríguez announced it just a few days ago, when, after enjoying the soccer World Cup final, he went to the recording studio to continue polishing a musical theme that could be the anthem of Ciego de Ávila the next year. Ciego de Ávila Heartbeat will be the culmination and beginning.

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    “Of course, a large part of my heart is still in Ceballos, Ciego de Ávila, there in the little town where I was born and where I did my first mischief. Ask the neighbors and my mother...,” Arnaldo Rodríguez said jokingly to Cubasí.

    "So, of course, I immediately accepted when the authorities of the province proposed me to do the theme that would accompany all this movement that has turned the #CiegodeÁvilaHeartbeat, more than a slogan, into a feeling, an impulse, a force to work and fuel pride by Ciego de Ávila”.

    It is the second song that El Mulato Acelerao dedicates to the province, about a political and socioeconomic movement. A decade ago, he composed and performed the song that is still heard: Ciego de Ávila de pie.

    Now, with Ciego de Ávila Heartbeat, he has been accompanied by other musicians and interpreters from the territory:

    Betzayda Velázquez Navarro, director of the Aroma group, and Geordanky Manrique Denis, director of the Super Parranda.Betzayda Velázquez commented to Cubasí “Ciego de Ávila is a town that has always loved Arnaldo very much and has been represented at all times with his music. I think that this topic will be one more step in this familiarity and they will feel very represented, because right now Ciego de Ávila Heartbeat is something that is present in all the institutions, in the town of Ciego de Ávila, and everywhere this phrase is being breathed, this feeling”.

    For his part, Geordanky Manrique thanked Arnaldo for the opportunity. “This is pure feeling. Many thanks to Arnaldo, who is always in front, giving his heart. This is very important for us; with much affection and love we have welcomed this song and everything we are going to do is for Ciego de Ávila”.

    The musical theme, similar to that other Tierra de la soledad hymn, begins with a decia, this time by Armando López Rondón, a member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and director of the House of the Decima. The verses go like this:

    Ciego de Ávila works and advances,

    Together with the people in every sphere.

    And the color of the flag

    Is added to that of hope.

    More than a slogan launches,

    The consecration of a dream.

    Ciego de Ávila its commitment,

    Put simple and deep

    So that you know the world,

    Our Ciego de Ávila Heartbeat.

    Then, the first verse, which will also be a chorus, says:

    Without wasting a day, working for dreams,

    The heartbeat of the Ciego de Ávila people is heard,

    And all hands join, the singing of my people is heard.

    It is a single voice: Ciego de Ávila Present.

    Although the day of its official launch is not confirmed, it is to be assumed that the theme will be ready for the advent of the 64th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution. As we had pointed out at the beginning, Ciego de Ávila Heartbeat has all the ballots to be the affective anthem of the province in the goals of the year 2023.