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    Municipal autonomy is born from the economy in Baraguá

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    The importance of achieving municipal autonomy from the economic point of view and ceasing to be a territory with a deficit to become one with a surplus, based on the existing conditions and the potential of the agricultural and sugarcane sectors, was one of the points discussed in the first session of the Municipal Assembly of Popular Power (AMPP) of Baraguá, after being constituted the present legislature.

    La autonomía municipal nace de la economía en Baraguá

    At the meeting, the delegates approved the Economy and Budget Plan for 2023, in which the urgency of the efficient use of resources was reiterated, taking into account that a gradual recovery of the economy is expected, but not exempt from the impacts of global crises.

    Among the main tasks of the stage will be the reduction of the approved budget deficit, activated by 147 million pesos, for which it is necessary to increase income and reduce expenses, advance in the creation of MSMEs and non-agricultural cooperatives with the purpose of obtaining higher tributaries income in this way, in addition to promote economic revitalization.

    In this regard, Mayor Osmani Vicente Quintana said that the 26 local development projects approved in the territory, if they are successful, can make a good social contribution and help reduce the budget deficit.

    However, the representatives of the people highlighted that the greatest challenges in production are in the business of companies that are engines of development such as La Cuba Agricultural and Ecuador Sugar Agro-industrial Companies, currently with losses, and that their first step is in compliance of their respective planting plans.

    On the urgency of advancing to reduce inflation from the increase in food production, the intervention of Leonardo Pérez Rodríguez, delegate of the constituency 15 of the Colorado People's Council, was addressed.

    Much more can be done by closely monitoring the agri-food program from the popular councils, in promoting food sovereignty at the base, Pérez Rodríguez said.

    “We cannot afford to have idle land, we must look for all the reserves, reactivate the exports of the entities of the territory. Summon the people to productive activities as a daily work plan and not only on designated dates," Mabel Ugarte de Oro, president of the Baraguá AMPP alleged.

    Social issues have great weight within the approved budget (around 70 percent of the total) in activities such as Health, Education, advancing in the transformation of 22 vulnerable communities and in the construction or purchase of homes for mothers with three or plus children under 17 years of age.

    Governor Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas highlighted the importance of reducing expenses, but those that are unnecessary because by not executing budgets we stop producing or satisfactorily meeting social demands.

    During this meeting, in which the member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in the province, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, were also invited, the permanent work commissions were approved, in addition to the presentation and approval of the new structure of the administration, from the implementation of Decree No. 72 of the Council of Ministers.

    The highest political and government figures of the province, at the end of the assembly, participated in the inauguration of works as part of the political movement Esfuerzo Decisivo in salute to the 64th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, such as the La Rosa local development project, directed to the sale to the population of agricultural products; and the El Jardín funeral home, which received capital repairs, all in the town of Gaspar.