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    Ciego de Ávila`s electricity sector looking for an improvement in 2023

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    The electricity sector in Ciego de Ávila has several projections for 2023 with a view to the gradual recovery of the stability of its service, highly deteriorated in the last two years due to the generation deficit of important plants and the limitations of resources necessary to offer maintenance to infrastructures.

    Sector eléctrico avileño por mejoría en 2023

    Among these perspectives is the improvement of distributed generation using fuel oil and diesel in the territory, which currently has around 40 megawatts (MW) in operation and the intention to increase its technical availability coefficient, which has been achieved with a lot of effort. It is expected in this quarter to advance until reaching close to 70 MW in those locations which, together with the energy coming from the photovoltaic solar parks, would allow covering the midday peak and a not insignificant part of the daytime hours.

    This without counting the contribution of the Ciro Redondo bioelectric plant, whose generation, together with the other sources present in Ciego de Ávila, would guarantee considerable independence from the National Electro-energy System and the continuity of the service in emergency situations.

    Daniel Pérez García, general director of the Ciego de Ávila Electric Company, said that the organization has indicators that give it prestige among its peers in the country; however, at the end of 2022, three were not complied with respect to the plan.

    Much attention will be paid this year to resuming the path of excellence in terms of reducing electrical losses in transmission networks, a section in which they were in first place for several years and which currently close as fifth to national level (below 13 percent), commented the manager.

    He added that among the fundamental projections would be the commitment of the workers for the company to maintain the certification of the integrated system of management, quality, environment, safety and health at work; all issues that define the systematicity and comprehensiveness of the work carried out by them.

    In the same way, the purposes of the period are to sustain the certification of its accounting, for 28 consecutive years.

    Comprehensive training and training of the workforce is an important element to which attention will be paid due to the deficit of operators, linemen and collector readers, which contributes to guaranteeing the sustainability of the sector.

    The investment plan will be ambitious, amounting to 624 million pesos, in which it decides due to the high amounts dedicated to the northern keys of Avila; there the fuel oil generation will be strengthened from the commissioning of new engines in two locations, Pérez García explained.

    Likewise, the interconnection between the Romano and Coco cays (of about 70 km of networks) will be completed, which would guarantee greater independence to this isolated electric power plant. Top-level technology will be used in the project, both in automation and in control.

    The support for agri-food production will be reflected in this plan from the electrification of more than 50 positions of pumping stations for irrigation, as part of an international loan, said the manager.

    Among the objectives will also be to increase collection in the state sector, taking into account the results of 2022, when there were difficulties in the payment of entities from Ciego de Avila such as Water and Sewage Services, Agriculture and others linked to the Azcuba Sugar Group.