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    Cuba extends passport validity and eliminates extensions

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    In response to the criteria of Cubans residing abroad, the Cuban Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday measures that include the extension of the validity of the passport, the elimination of extensions and the reduction of the cost of the document.

    Cuba extiende validez de pasaporte y elimina prórrogas

    The General Director of Consular Affairs and attention to Cubans residing abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Soberón, said that the decision will enter into force on the 1st. July and is part of the update of the country's migration policy for the benefit of family relations.

    He specified that from that moment the current passport will extend its validity from the current six years to 10, in the case of Cuban citizens aged 16 or over, and five for minors.

    In addition, the requirement to extend this document every two years is eliminated, as well as the cost of the procedures associated with these, to 180 dollars or euros for those over 16 years of age, and 140 dollars or euros for those who do not reach that age.

    Another measure adopted is to equate the length of stay on the Island for Cubans residing abroad, with that of their relatives and foreign spouses and children during their stay in the country.

    Soberón explained that, from the 1st. of July, residents outside the borders will be able to stay for a longer period of time in Cuba, in the same way as their foreign relatives, since currently those periods of stay differ.

    Besides, he reported that people who emigrated before the 1st. January 1971, they must present their Cuban passport to enter the Caribbean nation, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution approved in 2019 in a popular referendum.

    These decisions are in accordance with the country's policy to strengthen ties with the community abroad, said the director of Consular Affairs, adding that these decisions continue to develop satisfactorily.

    Cuba has taken steps to increase the participation of Cubans residing abroad in the political, economic and social life of their country, said the diplomat, highlighting in this regard the debates on the Draft Constitution and the Family Code.

    He also commented that "the number of cooperation, business and investment projects presented by Cubans residing abroad aimed at participating and contributing to the economic development of the Island is growing in a sustained and systematic manner."