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    Díaz-Canel highlights synchronization of thermoelectric plant in Cuba

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    Today, the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, considered the synchronization of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Thermoelectric Plant, in Cienfuegos, as a step forward in the stabilization of the National Electro-energetic System.

    Destaca Díaz-Canel sincronización de termoeléctrica de Cuba

    The head of state in his Twitter account wrote that the Cienfuegos Thermoelectric Plant, one of the most efficient in Cuba, is operational.

    The leader continued on the same social network that unit 4 synchronized with 120 megawatts, after good maintenance, and pointed out that progress continues in the stabilization of the Electro-energetic System.

    The plant maintenance lasted 81 days, focused on the restoration of the bushings of the circulating water pumps, in charge of bringing the liquid from the sea to the condenser; treatment to the coolers and capital rehabilitation of the burners.