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    Cubamodela and the commitment to electronic commerce

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    Cubamodela y la apuesta por el comercio electrónico

    Since the irruption a few years ago, through a pandemic, of several online stores on the national scene, there are several suppliers that have been born under the umbrella of the takeoff of internet access in the Greater Antilles, as well as the comfort that this type of trade represents.

    On this path, not exempt from challenges, the new economic actors have inserted themselves naturally, and with great potential to contribute to the necessary revitalization of the national economy.

    An example of this is Cubamodela, a 100% Cuban private company that is experiencing rapid positioning in the market.

    With a diverse corporate purpose, the online store area is the one that registers the greatest growth, thanks to the sale of basic necessities, including food and toiletries.

    “Spaghetti, tomato paste or detergent are some of the most popular and demanded items. They are distinguished by having lower prices than those offered by most private points of sale,” Alejandro Peñalver, general director of Cubamodela, told Cubadebate.

    "We systematically offer new products, which is why we suggest users visit us frequently and register to keep them informed of all our offers, discounts and advantages," he explained.

    How is it possible to offer more competitive prices? For Alejandro, the bet is risky, but the objective is clear.

    “We want to sell and be attractive, and thus contribute to meeting the needs of the population. We accept both national and foreign payments. Those who have relatives outside of Cuba can carry out the purchases paying from there, and the savings will be even greater”, he pointed out.

    Another of the secrets to have competitive prices is to achieve linkages with national producers, which considerably reduces costs. “It has always been our purpose to serve as a platform, as an online showcase for national entrepreneurs. They trust us with their products and we ensure high visibility of their goods online”, adds the young Cuban.

    If you put “food store” in the Google search engine, you will have the Cubamodela online store among the first results. Working with SEO tools (responsible for visibility in search engines and oriented towards digital marketing) is one of the key pillars of this business, but not the only one.

    The popularity of this online store is not based on Internet algorithms, but on the offers for its customers, the correlation with prices and the disposition of a group of entrepreneurs eager to get ahead with the country. Cleaning products and food are those with the highest turnover, as they are in very high demand, to which is added the Furriery area.

    The exhausting queues, the heat and the buses, are displaced by the convenience of ordering online; sitting in the living room of the house or wherever one wishes, recognize followers of that store on social networks.

    Access to it is easy and dynamic. You log in, enter the departments, choose the products, put them in the cart and then make the purchase. In the following 72 hours, you will have your product in hand.

    Other departments that stand out are Beverages, which includes the sale of exquisite and popular drinks; and that of Leather Item Store, with varied offers of shoes and backpacks, among others. There are also departments dedicated to products for Children, Pets, Sports Equipment, Furniture, Household Supplies, Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Tools, among others.

    On the other hand, it offers the home delivery service; although if you prefer you can pick up the product at their store, located at G and 15, in Vedado.

    For the suppliers it is a "win-win", Cubamodela guarantees the entire marketing strategy of the products that are promoted on its platform, it even generates the content.

    Companies that wish to have their own virtual sales space can achieve it with that Mipyme, which facilitates it through different business modalities. "This is a service that we already offer to several companies," Alejandro said.

    Despite being a very young platform, on the national stage they have achieved prestige for their constant work both in social networks and in the improvements made to the website. "The optimization of the loading speed of the site, the generation of fresh, original and quality content and the work with influencers who promote the brand".

    The key word for this business is "growth", with the ultimate goal of serving, of participating in efforts to satisfy needs. Cubamodela is committed to the constant search for better and varied offers, so that its clients feel comfortable browsing this online store, and, above all, when they receive its service.