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    Governor and Vice-Governor take office

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    This Sunday, according to Agreement 21-X of the Council of State, published in Official Gazette No. 41 Extraordinary, and in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba and the Electoral Law, the newly elected governor and deputy governor will take office in the province.

    Toman posesión de sus cargos gobernador y vicegobernador

    In the solemn act, at 9:00 a.m., Alfre Menéndez Pérez, elected as governor with 99.81 percent of the votes, and Hiorvanys Espinosa Pérez, who received 98.11 percent of the votes as lieutenant governor, they will receive the certificate that accredits them by the Provincial Electoral Council.

    Miriam Nicado García, deputy to the National Assembly of People's Power and rector of the University of Havana, was appointed by the Council of State to read the introductory words to the inauguration and then the Provincial Council will be constituted, integrated, in addition, by the presidents and vice-presidents of the municipal assemblies, and the mayors.

    The vote took place last Sunday, when the results of the scrutiny were known and were endorsed by the Electoral Council in its provincial and national instances. This was reported to Invasor by Osvaldo Álvarez Díaz, president of the Provincial Electoral Council, who also referred to the quality of the vote, on a day without incidents. Of the 534 municipal delegates who had to exercise their right, 531 participated, for 99.49 percent attendance.

    The governor, Alfre Menéndez Pérez, is a mechanical engineer by profession, is 42 years old and is a native of Ciro Redondo. His service record highlights his time at the agricultural farm of the Ciro Redondo sugar company, where he held responsibilities as head of Machinery and Production. From there, it went to the municipality's Various Construction Company and then to the Morón Block Factory.

    His path in various entities of the Ministry of Construction prepared him for two major tasks: first, directing the Construction Materials Company, for three years, and then the Construction Works for Tourism Company, from 2017 until the time of the choice. He is a deputy to the National Assembly of Popular Power and a member of the Communist Party of Cuba.

    For his part, Vice-Governor Hiorvanys Espinosa Pérez has a degree in Education, 45 years old, and before the election he worked as coordinator of Programs and Objectives of the provincial government.

    He began his working life at the Ciegoplast Company, where he held various positions and responsibilities, until he was appointed as CEO of the entity. In 2011, and for a year, he moved to Havana to direct the Hidroplast Company, at the request of the Higher Management Organization.

    He returned to his position as general manager at Ciegoplast and in 2018, he was promoted to delegate of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources in the province. From there to the provincial government. Throughout his career, he has received training in the Council of Ministers as a target of fundamental State and Government cadres.

    According to the Constitution, it corresponds to the governor, among other duties, to fulfill and enforce, as far as he is concerned, the Constitution and the laws; convene and preside over the meetings of the Provincial Council; direct, coordinate and control the work of the organizational structures of the Provincial Administration; demand and control compliance with the economic plan and execution of the province's budget, in accordance with the policy agreed upon by the competent national bodies.

    The vice-governor fulfills the powers delegated or assigned by the governor. Likewise, it replaces the governor in case of absence, illness or death, in accordance with the procedure established by law.