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    UNE estimates an affectation of 50 MW during the night peak this Monday

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    UNE estima una afectación de 50 MW durante el pico nocturno de este lunes

    The availability of the SEN at 07:00 hours is 2,650 MW and the demand is 2,120 MW. During the daytime hours, no affectations to the service are estimated due to a deficit in generation capacity.

    The Mariel fuel engines, unit 5 of the CTE Rente and unit 2 of the CTE Felton are out of service due to a breakdown. Unit 8 of the CTE Mariel, unit 5 of the CTE Nuevitas and unit 6 of the CTE Renté are under maintenance.

    The limitations on thermal generation (322 MW) are maintained.

    In distributed generation, 1,120 MW are unavailable due to failure and 170 MW are under maintenance.

    For the peak, the entry of unit 2 of Robustiano León (Hydroelectric) with 14 MW is estimated, the entry of 3 engines in Mobile Generation with 50 MW, and the recovery of 20 MW.

    With this forecast, an availability of 2,735 MW and a maximum demand of 2,700 MW are estimated for the peak hour, for a reserve of 35 MW, therefore an impact on the service of 50 MW is estimated at this time.