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    Weather information here: be careful with the rains!

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    It will be mostly cloudy in the center and east with more numerous showers and rains starting at noon, which will extend into the night in some locations.

    Aquí parte del tiempo: ¡ cuidado con las lluvias!

    In the west, it will be partly cloudy at dawn; it will be cloudy from the end of the morning with numerous rains. These rains can become strong and locally intense in some areas, mainly in the central and eastern regions.

    The maximum temperatures in the afternoon will be between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius and may be somewhat lower in rainy areas. At night, temperatures will be between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius.

    The winds will blow from the southern region in the western half from the end of the morning, with speeds between 5 and 20 kilometers per hour, they will be weak variables in the rest of the country.

    There will be waves on the south eastern coast, little waves on the south coast of the west and center, as well as in the north east. In the rest of the coasts, the sea will be calm.

    Note: In areas of showers and electrical storms, the wind speed and the height of the wave will increase.