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    Sale of fuel begins in Ciego de Ávila through Ticket

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    Even with low availability of fuels for direct sale to the population, the Branch of the Cimex Corporation in Ciego de Ávila will resume the supply service to the private sector, starting this Thursday, June 15, with the news that the Ticket platform for the organization of the queue.

    Comienza venta de combustibles en Ciego de Ávila mediante Ticket

    This was reported by directors of Cimex, Cupet and Xetid at the provincial government head office, at a press conference, after information circulated on networks that sales would begin on Monday, June 12. There was a high demand in the province, since access had been limited since March.

    Haydée Tamayo Ramos, director of the Territorial Division of the Defense Information Technology Company (Xetid), and Niurka Socarrás Hernández, a specialist from that entity, explained how it would be possible to obtain a turn to buy gasoline in the 10 Gas Stations enabled for this, at the rate of one in each municipality.

    “The name of the service on the Ticket platform is Fuel Supply (Aprovisionamiento de combustible), and each user must be sure to choose the correct gas station. To do this, you must filter by province and by service,” they explained.

    As many users know, Ticket is an online platform for organizing queues. In addition to the application for phones with the Android operating system ―which can be downloaded from Apklis or from the official Xetid site―, it can be accessed through the website

    Once the user has been created in Ticket, the client must search for the desired service and enter the waiting room, in case there are no tickets available. It is important to take into account that to use the waiting room you must pay a subscription (payment for which can only be done through EnZona). Therefore, several "stars" must be aligned.

    "We always recommend paying attention, when inserting the data, to check the From option, so that the queue advances correctly." The control data, in addition to the name, surnames and identity card of the person making the reservation, as well as the proof of the digital ticket, will be the circulation of the vehicles, automobiles or motorcycles.

    In the case of cars, the circulation begins with a letter and is followed by six figures. For motorbikes that are in the registration process (and therefore do not have a definitive circulation, but a temporary authorization), users must put the letter V and then the other six numbers of the authorization.

    Socarrás Hernández specified that the platform would allow four reservations to be made in the name of four different people and vehicles, an option that will allow access to those who, for example, do not have a telephone, account in EnZona or do not master the procedure.

    Users will be able to re-enter the waiting space once they have the ticket.

    According to Pedro Antonio Barrera López, Gas Station specialist at the Cimex Branch, three types of gasoline will be available (B-90, B-93 and B-83), at a rate of 30 liters for cars and four for motorcycles. The purchase of fuel is personal and direct to the tank of the means of transport. Filling containers will not be allowed.

    At the moment, payment for gasoline can be made in five ways: in cash, with a rechargeable card issued by Fincimex, with magnetic cards, with an electronic PIN or with disposable cards, although the intention is gradually to eliminate the cash component of these transactions.

    The specialist specified that, up to now, the sale prices that have been in force until now are maintained and that users with tickets will have the opportunity to reach the gas station between 7:00 in the morning and 11:59 at night, even when these entities offer a 24-hour service.

    The accuracy of the “closing” time was explained by Xetid sources. "As the system is automated, at 12:00 at night the platform changes to the next day, therefore, whoever has a ticket and does not execute it within the period described, will lose their right."

    On each day, the gas stations will receive the list of clients in the order of the digital queue, according to the availability for the day, which requires constant and exact feedback between Cimex and Xetid, so that there is no incompatibility between the number of tickets and fuel.

    The Gas Stations selected for this modality are:

    - Gas Station Oeste (Ciego de Ávila)

    - Gas Station Tarafa (Morón)

    - Gas Station El Triángulo (Chambas)

    - Gas Station La Trocha (Florencia)

    - Gas Station Simón Reyes (Venezuela)

    - Gas Station El Fortín (Ciro Redondo)

    - Gas Station Sofia (Bolivia)

    - Gas Station First of January

    - Gas Station Majagua

    - Gas Station El Centro (Baraguá)