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    Chambas citizens prepare solidarity packs for the eastern part of the country

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    Preparan chamberos valijas solidarias para el oriente del país

    From the labor collectives of the municipality of Chambas, the donations are prepared that will be sent to the eastern region of Cuba, the area most affected by the attempted rainfall in recent days.

    The news was confirmed by Anadalys Burgos Hernández, general secretary of the Cuba Workers Union (CTC) in the territory. The leader explained that the call for that voluntary contribution is being made known in each union section of the municipality.

    According to personal disposition, workers may donate any item they want. Gradually, the bags will be prepared to be sent immediately to the eastern region. In this way, the Chambas union movement assumes the call made by the national leadership of the CTC, as other social organizations have done.

    This altruistic movement with the eastern provinces takes place when the 95th anniversary of the birth of Ernesto Che Guevara, precursor of voluntary and selfless contributions, is remembered in Cuba.