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    Pardo Guerra verifies prevention actions in Cayo Coco

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    Division General Ramón Pardo Guerra, Chief of the National Civil Defense Staff, verified the prevention actions that are being undertaken to combat the current hurricane season in the Cayo Coco Defense Zone.

    Verifica Pardo Guerra acciones de prevención en Cayo Coco

    As evidence of the guarantees of protection of human lives and material resources, the representatives of Health, Hydraulic Resources, Community Services and General Logistics of the Cayo Coco Defense Zone argued their strategies.

    "The early warning system continues to be the main strength, as it is the fact of always having a reserve limit for any contingency," Major General Ramón Pardo Guerra said.

    The Cayo Coco Defense Zone Disaster Risk Reduction Plan foresees not only hydro-meteorological phenomena typical of the hurricane season, but also extreme geological events such as possible earthquakes or tsunamis in the Caribbean.

    At the close of this information, Ramón Pardo Guerra, Chief of the National Civil Defense Staff, carried out the same control over the Tourism delegation at the Pullman hotel in Cayo Coco.