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    Ciego de Ávila intensifies actions against crime

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    Intensifica Ciego de Ávila acciones contra el delito

    Confronting crime, corruption and illegalities constitute a priority for institutional action in Ciego de Ávila from the integration with the forces of order and its legitimate control by the competent authorities, including the Government and the PCC.

    María Victoria Sifonte Ayup, Chief Provincial Prosecutor of Ciego de Ávila, explained how crimes in Agriculture are divided into sectors, not only to confront them, but, above all, to prevent them with the support and cooperation of all legal actors.

    Although in matters of Law it is better to prevent than to punish, in order to comply with this maxim, it is necessary to integrate all the factors that dynamize the current social scenario.

    Popular revolutionary vigilance is vital for such a civic endeavor, since citizen tranquility and legality continue to be the most solid pillars of the institutional framework in Socialism.